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Trying to find items for Halloween Wedding

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had any tips, advices, websites... I'm looking for two things- invitations and a hairstyle. I'm looking for some Halloween inspired invitations- zombies, blood, black and red- anything. I've typed in everything I could think of to look for some "offbeat" inivitations but they are still kinda blah. Looking for something amazing- and 2. I'm looking for a hairstyle- here's the plan... my dress is burlesque inspired complete with a top hat- and I need some ideas about how to style my hair around it or with it. Any help here would be great.

Re: Trying to find items for Halloween Wedding

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    I made my own invitations, this could work for you too. I actually used the picture of the groomsmans ties and photoshopped a little bit to make it a nice background. Then I went to, uploaded the art and added the text through their website. Since I used their free postcards It cost me about $2 (to upload the image) to make and it looks awesome! I think I even had free shipping. 

    I ended up with:
    100 ceremony/reception invites
    100 reception only invites (my ceremony location is tiny)
    100 envelopes
    100 RSVPs
    about 300 mailing labels
    48 stickers for sealing the envelopes 

    and I only paid $30! Everything looks great too. You really should sign up for vistaprints e-mails if you haven't already. Everyone thinks I spent hundreds of dollars on my invation suite, but using the free postcards I got such a great deal!

    As for hair, I would just go talk to a bunch of local hair stylists and see what they think. You should also check out the Offbeat board, those ladies might have some ideas! =)

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    Vista print for invites, you can make your own, or use one of theirs.

    They have one with Ravens that I liked. Black ravens with different color options. will have stuff for decorations.

    There is a gothic knot you can find inspiration on.

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    Brit_You're invitations are amazing. Thank you very much- I'll be checking out vistaprint here shortly!!

    Thanks everyone.
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    I got my invitations off of Zazzle - I liked some of the designs better than VistaPrints for that - we ended up ordering a Halloween invitation but had the seller customize it for a wedding.
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    Try they have alot of epic idea for goth themes and halloween. Im obsessed with the site! We are doing a goth/steampunk/halloween theme so it has been very useful!
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    We made our own to. I just got black card stock and then some black and white demask-ish scrap book paper, We cut the demask paper smaller then the card, glued it down then printed the actual invite on velum with a picture of a creepy tree for decor and pinned it to the card with antique looking brads. We only made about 10 because our wedding was a surprise so we just gave them to people (my parents, his mom etc) to keep. It was cheap, probably under 30 bucks.

    Etsy has invitations as well as all sorts of things. We just waited until the Halloween stuff came out in stores and stocked up.

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    We used Handykane for our wedding invites.  They are also on etsy.  They have cool scroll looking invites with burnt edges.  They do take a while to send things out and you have to keep on top of them, but the results are very cool!!
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    Have you thought of victory rolls for your hairstyle? They could pinned in way that sort of showcases your top hat with elongated sort of rolls in the back. Have fun!!
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