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Tomorrow! :D

I was able to get FI and myself a free engagement photo shoot. I'm so excited! We're doing it tomorrow at Union Station in LA. There will be 3 photographers [maybe more?]. The deal was that we are their "models" and in return each photographer sends us a minimum of 10 of their best shots, edited, hi-res. We have full rights to reprint and reuse how we want. This was a great way for us to do something that wasn't necessarily in our budget. We weren't going to do an engagement shoot but since I got it for free we're pretty excited to do it!
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Re: Tomorrow! :D

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    Wow!  Nice score!  We expect to see pics when you get them back.  Have fun tomorrow.
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    Yay! Yeah girl, you better show me pics asap!!! Have fun! Got all outfits? are you changing?
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    We ended up doing them at Union Station and across the street at Olivera St. SO FUN!! I wore 2 diff tops, he had 2 shirts. Didn't get too crazy with changing. I only have one pic right now, but should have more in about 2 weeks. I'll post them up when I get them!
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