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Outdoor beach/park reception

We have not found a venue yet, or a exact location for a wedding but we are interested in the Santa Barbara area. We want to keep our budget as minimal as possible. Has anyone ever had their ceremony and reception at a state beach? I know the fees for the ceremony are minimal but what requirments are there for alcohol, music, bathrooms ect... I am begining to think getting the required permits for a state park/beach will be more costly and time consuming than just finding a venue who takes care of it all. The state beach we were considering is El Capitan Beach and Lawn. Also, I want an out door reception under a big white tent (my dream I guess). Any one know of a good venue in CA that offers this? I have looked at some venue pages but I have to admit nothing has cought my eye and made me get the feeling I think I should be getting.

No date is set yet, but warm weather is a must, so probably late Sept.

Re: Outdoor beach/park reception

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