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Help! 7 days to the wedding & i need new makeup

Hi all!  Only 7 days away, can you freaking believe it?  I can't...
Anyway, I did a practice run with my bare minerals for my wedding, and it left me flakey.  This is normally what I wear (I hate makei up) but its not going to work for all day coverage for the wedding.

So, I need recs for foundation and conceler for the wedding ASAP!  I was going to just go to the mall and wander around, but I want to know which counter to go to.

Here is what I heard so far:
1. Mac is great for color, but makes you break out, and can make you look oily
2. Same thing about Clinique
3. Este Lauder is for old people

And that is all I have to go on ladies!  I am not a make up girl, so I am freaking out.

I am prone to oily skin and redness, so I want something oil free, preferably light, as I hate the feel of most make up on my skin.

I need foundation and conceler.


Re: Help! 7 days to the wedding & i need new makeup

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    I've actually never had that problem wit MAC. I have a slightly oily T-Zone naturally, which never seems to show with MAC. But that's just me.

    Question: Do you use a primer at all?

    If you want to maybe check out something cheaper, I've had really good luck with L'Oreal's True Match line. It lasts really well and I never get a greasy look (or breakout) from it.
  • gmjpeachgmjpeach member
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    I could get primer...

    Pretty much I am looking for the whole shabang.  I'll buy anything.
  • jilly884jilly884 member
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    I think it depends on the look you want and your skin type.

    I have combo skin--dry except in the T zone.

    I love estee lauder and I love stilla.  I have very pale skin and I don't need heavy coverage as I have pretty good skin.  The estee lauder is better for coverage. Stilla is better for a light dewy look.

    You can try them both at Sephora.
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    Why don't you go plop yourself down in a chair in Sephora?  If you're willing to buy anything, I'm sure they have good tips for you.  That way they can pull from several product lines, instead of just mac, etc.
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    My makeup artist used MAC makeup, and I was happy with it. I have oily skin and break out easily, too, but it was fine for me. It really did last all day...I looked the same at the end of the night, after using blotting sheets and powder periodically.

    I had my b-pic makeup done at a MAC store and liked that, too.
  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    I agree with Curly.  Go to Sephora and have them do your makeup.  There are several brands there so you can find something that's perfect for your skin.
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    Ditto what the PPs said about Sephora. They have a lot of great brands there.
    My favorite brand is Benefit. They have a tinted moisurizer thats light but still gives nice coverage. It's called YouRebel. I use the light one.
    Sephora also has their own brand of fixer to keep your makeup in place. I use it when I go out dancing, so it should work for your wedding day.
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