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Ok so having been engaged for 3 months now I have finally found a location for our wedding!! I went yesterday with my mom and MOH and FI, and we decided Pickwick Gardens in Burbank would be great. Plus found out my parents are going to be able to help out a bit financially (I was expecting them to say sorry we don't have anything to give you) Plus his mom is going to be giving us cash for our wedding gift which may be used for furniture buying. Plus my mom is starting to think about where we should go shopping for fabric for my dress. YAY!

Plus we are hopefully going to be getting started on buying a house tomorrow (like wiring money to escrow  started)

Also last night we had dinner with an older couple from his church, which we were really dreading but it acctually went really well. I am not a member of his church so we were afraid they were going to give us a hard time about getting married but overall it went really well.

Things are finally coming together!

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