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Here is a list of reception venues around Pasadena/Glendale/North Hollywood and prices :)

So I don't know about you ladies but the one thing that has been driving me crazy is that you have to call these places and hear their sales pitch before they give you a price! Well I have heard enough ad wrote a few down for you girls ;) If you know of some please let's post them so we can not even waste our time on places that are WAAYY out of our budgets lol. oh and all of these are based on a June 15h 2013 Saturday wedding
Anoush Banquet Hall  Glendale $40-45 per person
Castle Green Pasadena $40-45 and up per person
Pandora on Green Pasadena $6000 min. plus tax and tip
Noo Pasadena $9600 min. including tax and tip
Hilton Hotel Pasadena $63 and up per person plus tax and tip
Imerial Palace Pasadena $40-45 per person
Altadena Town and Country Club $71 and up per person plus tax only
Kriestell Banquet Hall North Hollywood $32 a person inluding tax and tip
Elegante Banquet Hall North Hollywood $40 a person including tax and tip
Fiesta Banquet Hall Whitter $25-28 a person with a $1000 discount on Fridays and Sun.
Ritz banquet Hall Whittier $23-25 per person with discounts on fri and sun.
(threw in those because they were SUPER cheap for those brides on a budget ;)

Oh and the place I think I am going to go with is $30 a person in Glendale, if you are interested let me know and maybe we can get them to do us a deal for cheaper ;) lol I am a haggler!

Re: Here is a list of reception venues around Pasadena/Glendale/North Hollywood and prices :)

  • Thanks a bunch! Great help and time saver.

  • This is super helpful, thanks! Assuming these rates are food only and don't include alcohol?
  • Eden Garden Bar & Grill Old Town Pasadena - all inclusive approx $35 a plate University Club $83 a plate BYO Caterer La Casita del Arroyo in Pasadena -$ 871 for locals $1295 for non-residents + insurance Pasadena City Hall courtyard $2819 in other fees, $304 per hour rental fees. Shakespeare Club Pasadena $3000 rental fees - some chairs & tables provided Women's Twentieth Century Club $1400 some chairs & tables provided Neighborhood Unitarian Church depends on space used, craven Estates - fees support the Red Cross Los Angeles River Center & Gardens $4000 rental fee Catering Pasadena Civic Center Gold Room $1500 rental fee $65 a plate Descanso Gardens $1900. - $5000 LA Arboretum depends on # guests & usage $500-$5000 must use their caterer and recommended party rental group
  • Thank you so much!!! I hate not knowing the prices. This will save all the headache.
  • Go to this it's a great help. I went to the one in Pasadena.
  • Thanks ladies for adding! We all know how much of a headache it can be to try to find the time to drive way out to the boon docks just to find out the real pricing of a venue! As for the question about my price list, all my places include the rental of the site, tables, chairs, linen, silverware, and tax if specified. It doesn't include alcohol that is usual seperate. Keep that in mind if you have a budget you want to stick to :)
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