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Padua Hills Theatre...cost?

I will be getting married in 2013 sometime, haven't set a date yet!  We have our heart set on the Padua Hills Theatre in Claremont.  We haven't had a meeting yet.  I'm concerned we won't be able to afford it.  I have done some research about the cost, but have come up with very little.  Some say it's very affordable, others say its WAY over their budget.  We haven't set a budget yet, but I'm thinking between 10,000-15,000.  Has anyone here gotten married at Padua?  Can anyone give me an idea of cost?

Re: Padua Hills Theatre...cost?

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    Padua's prices did go up in 2010 because they renovated.  They have minimums for rental which are as follows:

    Friday: $13,000
    Saturday: $18,000
    Sunday:  $12,000

    In addition, there are rental fees:

    Weeknights: $2,500
    Fridays: $4,000
    Saturday - PM: $4,500
    Saturday - AM: $4,000
    Sunday: $4,000

    This does not include a services fee or tip.

    Padua is a beautiful place.  My sister got married there and it was really breathtakingly gorgeous.  The food was good and the venue worked well for the wedding.

    My only caveat is, she did say the people there can be difficult to work with (they tried to raise the prices on her once she sign the contract).

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    Hi there, how many people are you expecting? I had it set for 160-180 people and I found them to be pretty costly. Once everything was said and done we decided on city club bunker hill in LA.  PADUA IS BEAUTIFUL and I too loved Padua but they have fees for EVERYTHING! Im still scratching my head over paying a security guard fee of 500-600 ...are you serious how much are they really getting an hour?? Plus they had fees for alcohol and the extra taxes on the alcohol. If you're having more than 150, might be over your budget. Maybe a buffet? Our overall budget is 30, 000 with everything food, music, flowers, dress etc,... and padua was about 75% of our budget. There lighting is phenomenal but everything was sooooo pricey so we decided on something a little more affordable.
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    Wow....well thanks for the info ladies.  We're expecting about 100 guests, so it will be a smaller wedding.  However, it seems it is still WAY over our budget.  Unfortunate, because it's such a beautiful place.  I was also looking at Mission Inn in riverside, seems like it will be a little more in our price range.
  • my date is set for october 2014 at padua. my wedding will start at 30,000 for 200 people. that includes venue, ceremony, reception, food, and alcohol.
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