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Date Change....sorry, kind of long

So FI came to me Saturday afternoon and told me that he wants to push the wedding back to 2012. At first I didn't know what to say because I WAS so set on my novelty date, 9/10/11. Cry After hearing his 2 reasons, and going back and forth with myself all weekend,  I am open to moving the date back. I mean after-all, a date is just a date, right!?! 

Reason #1: his family is from Belize and most are coming this week to attend FMIL's big 50th B-Day party on Sunday, and he says that it will be hard for most of them to get a VISA to come back out here next September. So I feel like if I continued making plans for this date I would be selfish because all of my family and friends would be in attendance, while his guests would consist of mostly friends, rather than family. 

Reason #2: He has 2 roommates, his younger brother and older cousin, who just happens to be some of the nastiest and messiest men EVER. When I'm there I feel like I'm a maid cleaning up after them. FI says its not fair to me to clean after the others so he just rather me and him move alone. He wants to buy a condo or house with what we already have saved for the wedding. He said he would rather push the wedding back now and then have our "own" place to return to once the wedding is over, opposed to getting married next year and then we both return to his place and have to deal with the other 2 while we save for another place.

The new date that I have in mind is August 10, 2012. I have said all this to say what is everyone's opinion to a Friday wedding? I'm sure I could keep everything pretty much the same as far as with the times, (originally wedding was to take place 5:30-1130) or even just move everything back an hour. I'm just not sure how that would work with people working during the week.

Re: Date Change....sorry, kind of long

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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    I think you guys have the right idea.  Who wants to come back home as newlyweds to live with messy boys?  The Friday evening wedding sounds great but I think you should push it back to starting at 6:30.  This way people wouldn't have to take a half day off of work and those that work until 7 can either try to get off a little early or skip the ceremony but be there for the entire reception.
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    monet7383monet7383 member
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    I most certainly plan on doing that.
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    I agree with Jagore, I would not like to return to a home with dirty boys! That would be so annoying!!! Anyway as for a Friday Wedding, I also thing 6:30 is more comfortable for everyone. My MIL went to a Friday wedding not too long ago and she said it was nice and had a good attendance. You just need to send out Save The Dates for sure so that your guests can plan ahead on either ask for a day off or half day.So, I think waiting for 2012 is the best you can do for the reasons you've given us. It makes sense. :) Hope you find a place soon! :) GL
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    akavanaghakavanagh member
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    I agree too! I definitely would NOT want to come home to a house of stinky boys1 We're having our wedding on a Friday and we're planning on starting at 6:30. We want to make sure that everyone has enough time to get off of work and get to our wedding AND deal with LA traffic! Good luck!
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    I agree with what pp are saying.  You guys have good reasons to push it back.  This will give you more time to save and plan and make everything PERFECT plus you will come back to a nice clean home!
    And I think if you start your wedding at 6:30 vs 5:30 you will have a better attendance rate just do to traffic alone in LA. 
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    PERFECT reasons! And yes starting @ 6:30 seems like a the best option as well.

    Going to your own place after the wedding is sooooo TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!

    GL in the search!
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