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Picky eater/weird eating habits?

Hi all!

I'm in the middle of planning my reception and (UGH!), my fiancee is the pickiest eater! He refuses to eat vegetables and is addicted to Pepsi. He lives off of plain noodles, pizza and chicken fingers. Do any of you have super picky SOs?

Re: Picky eater/weird eating habits?

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    No my FI is not a picky eater at all.  Between the two of us I am more picker than he but not nearly has picky as your FI Laughing

    Have you thought about asking your venue if they will make him a special plate? That way he will be happy and so will your guest.
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    FI is a picky eater too.  But I have gotten him to eat his veggies if they are prepared in a way that he likes.  He loves appetizers and finger food.

    I can get him to eat veggies by making salsa.  I load it with lots of healthy stuff too, like garlic. Whenever I make salsa, I'll try to sneak in extra stuff like chopped celery, cucumbers, finely-chopped carrots, I've even thrown in chopped apples in the mix.

    What happened with our reception food was I just cornered him.  Showed him the list of options and we just sat down and discussed it.  He ended up realizing that what he was picking out were for our guest's comfort too, not just his.  We are still kicking around the idea of going to Jerry's Famous Deli for post reception meal, just the two of us--so he can feel like he got what he wanted to eat on his wedding day.
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    I have a whole slew of things I can't eat. Meat, acids, chocolate.. the list is longer than I have time to admit to.

    I don't expect all the food served to be things I can eat. In fact, I would be taken aback if it was. I hope to have an option that I'll be able to indulge in, and then something that makes sense for the rest of the guests.
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