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Wanted: Workout Partner!

Hey girls,

I just realized I haven't even introduced myself on this board!
My name is Liz, and my FI's name is Chris. We're getting married in just a few short months on Oct 23.
I'm looking for a workout partner :) I have a gym membership to 24hour fitness, and although I go once or twice a week I really need to kick it up a notch.
I'm a student, and this semester will be ending in a few weeks. I'm taking the summer off, so my schedule will bewide open and flexible to meet up.
Also might be interested in going halfers on a personal trainer for the summer.
If anyone is interested let me know!
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Re: Wanted: Workout Partner!

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    Welcome Liz!  Thanks for introducing yourself to the board.  It's nice to see new names pop up.  

    I go to a bootcamp class offered by Crunch Morning Bootcamp (have been for 2 years now) and I highly recommend it.  I go to the one in Sherman Oaks but they have them all over the city.  Also, I have started using the Nike+ workout.  If you have an iPod or iPhone (I don't think it works with other MP3 players) it plugs right in and tracks how much you run, the distance, the length of time, average minutes per mile for the run, and calories burned.  You plug it into your computer when you're done and go on the Nike Dashboard website and it shows you everything.  It's really helped to keep me motivated.  You should look into it.

    Good luck with everything and if you have any questions just send me a PM.

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    Hey Liz! Is there a particular 24 fitness you go to? My BFF and I are workout partners and I do personal training at the Hollywood location. I've also been to the Sherman Oaks one.
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    I work out at the West Hills location, but I usually go with my husband. I'd be willing to go without him though! LOL
  • spiderwebsspiderwebs member
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    I live in the SGV and go to about 5 different ones, depending on who I'm going with or where I'm coming from. They are the 24 hrs in Monrovia, Glendora, West Covina on West Covina Pkway, West Covina on S. Azusa, and the one in the Puente Hills Mall.

    It looks like alot of you are in the other better known Valley! lol, I am always in Pasadena, and that is one I have yet to check out which would probably be as far west as I could go.

    Usually go with my bro, but he's not always available.

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    Simi Valley for me...anybody near there?
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    Darn!  I live in the SGV area but go to Bally's!  And our weddings are on the same day: October 23!
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    [QUOTE]Darn!  I live in the SGV area but go to Bally's!  And our weddings are on the same day: October 23!
    Posted by jumo1963[/QUOTE]

    LOL! That's too bad! My parents have a membership to Bally's but I ended up going to 24 hr because their hours are flexible. Where are you getting married?
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    I am in Sherman Oaks... anyone near there. I gave up my Bally's membership, although I could easily get it back. I love to walk and need to tone down a little more... having a workout buddy would be helpful. 
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