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When to book MUA and Hair?

Hello Knotties I need your help.  Next week I will have 8 months until my wedding and I pretty much have all the major things done, but the one thing that is troubling me is the make up and hair. I think I'm going to use these 2 ladies that a friend of mine used because they are really reasonable and they did such an amazing job with my friends wedding.  Oh and they will come to me which is great cause there aren't a lot in my area that I've found that will do that.

Anyway here is my question is 8 months before too early to contact them?  This is just a big unknown to me.  Thanks ladies!

Re: When to book MUA and Hair?

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    If you know it's who you want to use, then contact away.  I didn't book mine until January for my March wedding but it wasn't for lack of trying.  I didn't know who I wanted.
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    Thanks that's what I was thinking but wasn't sure.  Ok so I guess this is another dumb question.  I thought all you ladies said that it is smarter to get a trial run done before you book them but is it too early to do that?

      I don't know for a girl that wears as much make up as I do you would think I wouldn't be so dumb about this.
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    When I got engaged I had 8 months and it seemed like an incredible amount of stuff do do at first, but then around month six to about month four there was such a lull in things to do I almost forgot I was planning a wedding at all. 

    If you know who you want, you can go ahead and schedule your trials now, but you've got such a long time until your wedding, you might change your mind about what to do with your hair completely!

    I'd definitely wait until you're about 3 to 4 months out, but again, I had my hair and makeup trials last week of january for a march wedding and feel like that was plenty of time.
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    If you really like them then I would book now--you don't want them to be taken when you finally call  :)
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    I feel much better, Phiaska. I've been engaged for over a year and I guess decided 3 months before my wedding I should start planning. I had the big stuff done about 6 mos prior but now I have 2 months and still trying to figure out MUA and hair. Good to know I'm not late on EVERYTHING.
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    I suggest booking now because the people you want to use could already be booked. It may seem early; but trust me- you don't want to wait until the last minute. Besides, then it is one thing off your plate!
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