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Latino Weddings


This is great! I was wondering if a latina bride board would ever be created! I'll introduce myself. I'm Veronica, FI is Dan, our date is set for 10.16.2010.

Re: Hey!

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    It's very exciting to finally have this board!Congrats on the engagement!
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    Congrats!!  Do you know what colors your having yet?? Or any other details???
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    I keep going back and forth for colors, I can't make a decision lol. I know I want there to be brown and an ivory or champaign color but still need one more. What are your colors?
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    haha I couldn't decide so I have a few. :) We have black, eggplant, merlot, and champagne.  We're sorta going for the 'dia de los muertos' theme but very subtley since our families are super traditional. 
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    Hi Veronica! That's my sister's name :-) Colors were the first things I picked! I knew I didn't want a theme; I knew that I wanted bold/jewel tones cause I don't like pastels myself; I knew I wanted a winter wedding because of it. So my colors ended up being my two favorites anyway - Maroon (for Fordham, where FI graduated from) and Navy Blue (for Penn State where I graduated from) and Champagne for whenever I need a neutral somewhere. We're not having mascots at the table or anything, lol. But we are getting married at Fordham in the Bronx. Check my bio for the colors and other details. Lots of bios have great ideas and inspirations, start clicking around! Welcome!!
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    Hi Viv! I really like your bridesmaid dresses. I love yours and cm's colors, the merlot, navy and champagne...I might use that as inspiration!
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    I knew I wanted bold colors too.  I'm just not a pastel colors type of girl.  We started off with eggplant, and added the other colors as we were getting inspired.  And we knew we wanted a 'Dia de los Muertos' theme, so we kinda took that idea and ran with it. 
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    I'm so glad TK finally decided to put a latino wedding board. I'm Jennifer and my husband's name is Jorge. Our date isn't set in stone yet but we are thinking sometime in 2011.
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