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Nortenas dance with dad and brother

Hi. I need some help filling a good song to dance with my dad (father-daughter dance). He really likes Nortenas so i have been trying to fill some but i haven't heard any good one.

also do you know any good spanish songs (not nortena) i could dance to with my brother.



Re: Nortenas dance with dad and brother

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    Hi there,

    a nice song that i find to be appropriate for the father/daughter dance in a wedding seems to be the one called "Chiquilla Hermosa" by Cardenales de Nuevo Leon. From my perpective, it talks about about a girl who is immensely important for this guy and loves her doesn't imply things such as the'relovers or anything like uses the right words of affection, so i think this will suit you and your dad....almost all the nortenas songs i've heard are about a bunch of other things except for love for a son/daughter... hope this helps!

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