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spanish save the dates??? please help!

Half of our guests are spanish only, and I was wondering, should I send them a save the date in spanish? What wording do I use? Please help! Thank you much!

Re: spanish save the dates??? please help!

  • MariodoMujerMariodoMujer member
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    "Save the date" is a pretty understandable phrase, so if you are looking to save, I think you should be okay with English only STDs. Of course if you're still intrested in having them in Spanish, your guest will really appreciate that. I would word it as folows:
    ¡Aparta la fecha para nuestra boda!
    Se enviará invitación formal

    Of course you could just put both English and SPanish on the same STD, the wording is typically very short and sweet
  • Cynthia1207Cynthia1207 member
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    I would go for a bilingual invite just to avoid the hassle of needing to think about what is mailed where.
  • Nati05Nati05 member
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    I agree with Cynthia. Here in Ecuador (and I've also seen the same in Colombia) STDs are translated into "Reserva la fecha" and of course "invitacion formal a continuacion" or "invitacion formal sera enviado pronto" Good luck!
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    Thank you ladies so very very much! That was useful! Whew!
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