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Is anyone doing a rehearsal dinner?

My wedding is going to be a small one with only 50 guests. Do I still have to have a rehearsal dinner if like 17 people are in my wedding party? Now I'm hearing that both FI and our parents have to be there as well, and also the significant others' of the WP. That's like half our guest! FI and I would be paying for this as well.

Re: Is anyone doing a rehearsal dinner?

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    I'm planning on keeping my wedding party small to avoid the extra money. Since you are having a small rehearsal dinner, have you considered maybe doing it at your home or at one of your favorite restaurants? I have heard that parents are included as well.  My DH was in his friend's wedding last year and I did not get invited to go to the rehearsal dinner.
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    The rehearsal dinner would have to be the day before the wedding, that way all the WP is there. Since it is in Vegas, we cannot host it at our house since we live in CA. I might just do a buffet thing since there are alot of buffet places in Vegas. If worse comes to worse I can just order pizzas and host it in my hotel suite! 
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    We're doing one and our WP is smalll but for your wedding size not sure its necessary not that easy to get lost in the shuffle with a smaller crowd.
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    Well since it's DW I'm not so sure it's completely necessary. It would be nice for guests to have something do and include them in.. although I'm sure there's plenty to do in Vegas. Maybe you could opt for an activity instead.

    I'm having about 80 myself and I plan to invite all OOT guests just so I don't leave them hanging you know? Seeing as how neither of our parents have a clue about covering, we'll most likely have to pay ourselves. And that turns me off a lot from having a big ordeal. Even a restaurant could get pricey. So I'm considering doing just a home get to together. What about hosting something small at your hotel? No worries, something small and intimate will be fine.
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    We're doing one because that is custom for his family. But We're just going to order pizza! Our favorite food! :)
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    We are having the same size wedding as you, we are having a rehearsal, but are not doing a formal dinner.  It is practically half of who will be there the very next day, so for us it is just an extra cost.
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