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Good Wednesday Morning!

Hello everyone!

What does everyone's Wednesday look like?

I work at a school, and Wednesdays I don't have too many classes, so I will be working on lesson plans.  Wednesdays are also the day that we stay late for training, so it could be a long day (depending on how interesting the training is ;)  ).  What gets me through the day is my excitement for the zumba class that I go to with a friend after school. 

What's everyone else up to?

Re: Good Wednesday Morning!

  • Nati05Nati05 member
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    Today I'm being lazayy. I teach English classes but while my morning student has been recovering from surgery and the other cancelled, I don't have class until 4 today! I'll be meeting FI for lunch, running a few errands and heading for class. Not very eventful, but I always enjoy a morning off :)
  • ckastner1ckastner1 member
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    I'm jealous!  Enjoy your morning off!!!
  • Cynthia1207Cynthia1207 member
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    My wednesday is the same as my Monday but better because it splits my week!  I work Mon-Fri so wednesday is always welcome!
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