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    My fianc proposed last Thanksgiving 11/24/2011, during dinner with my side of the family, right after he got my dad's blessing. We're getting married on June 28, 2013. :
  • Got engaged in a hotel room at the Wyngate a year or two back. Been engaged with a ring since the day after christmas, 12-26-11. Date is set for Sunday, Sept 8th 2013, almost a year away
  • We got engaged in Naples, Fl at a home my family was renting for Christmas vacation. We have been engaged since December 28, 2011!
  •  We got engaged in Annapolis, Maryland on March 19, 2012. We've been happily engaged for 5 months. My fiance graduated from the Naval Academy and this was my first trip to the city, so it turned out to be a very memorable getaway! We will be back to create more memories on our wedding day, October 12, 2013 at the school's beautiful chapel!

  • Where did you get engaged? I got engaged at our home. It was a sweet and perfect proposal. How long have you been engaged? I've been engaged for four months April 22nd. We're getting married June 15, 2013.
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  • I have been engaged for 8 months. He proposed after 6 years of being together in Boyne Michigan over Christmas break. Best Christmas present ever. 3
  • We got engaged at my house on valentines day actually. He tied a box to our new puppys neck and left him in my room for me to find!

    We have been engaged for about 6 months now, and we are getting married on September 29, 2012!! Im so excited!
  • I have been engaged since July 7th 2012.. We live in Dallas, TX. My fiance (Dustin) was prepping for me to have the best day ever by taking me to get a mani/pedi and champagne that morning then to lunch and we would conclude the evening by watching Nicki Minaj live in concert--- After lunch while getting ready for the concert, he popped the question so sweetly by slipping the dazzling ring on my finger and asking me to be his Mrs. Johnston-- I couldn't have asked for more!! It was perfect! On the way to the concert, he had me check the tickets... the concert wasn't for another 3 WEEKS! haha We had the date totally wrong the whole time! He was so afraid that it would ruin my perfect day but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! I can't wait to marry my silly goof on March 2, 2013!
  • Where did you get engaged?

    We were on vacation in Clearwater Beach, FL.. taking pictures with family at sunset.. he even flew my mom in stepdad in to be there for the big moment since he knows how close she and I are. Family is everything to us.

    How long have you been engaged?

    It will be 5 months tomorrow. (He proposed on April Fools Day! Haha)

  • I got engaged on June 9th, almost 3 months ago. My fiance had to go to Paris, France for work. I tagged along and he gave me the surprise of a life time by popping the question during sun set over the Seine River!! He's the best.
  • We got engaged in Branson, MO. We have been engaged for 10 months.
  •  Where did you get engaged? We got engaged in his hometown on a vacation we took together. The Sundial Bridge in Redding, Ca.

    How long have you been engaged? We have been engaged for 1 year, 2 months, and 10 days. We are getting married Dooms Day...12/21/12.
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  • Where did you get engaged? We got engaged at home right after he asked for my parents' permission!

    How long have you been engaged? We have been engaged since January 2011! We are getting married on May 27, 2013, so it will be over two years when we actually get married!

  • Where did you get engaged? We got enganged at a nation park called Hocking Hills in Ohio infront on this beatiful waterfall! We were lucky enough to get a picture because my now fiance handed the camera to a couple and asked them to take a picture, but what I didnt know is that he told them he was going to propose and to take an extra picture!

    How long have you been engaged? We've been engaged for 9 months and we're getting married June 1, 2013! I cant wait to marry my best friend :)
  • I have been engaged 6 months feb 18th 2012! He proposed to me in front of my ENTIRE family at my uncles 50th surprise birthday party!! It was perfect!
  • He asked while playing in the leaves in the back yard, last September and we are getting married this October 12th!!
  • I have been Off the Market : for a month! We got engaged July 27th in Nassau, Bahamas! We decided on a Summer 2013 destination wedding!
  • I got engaged on July 1 st 2012 on my 30 th birthday! I have been engaged for 2 months
  • I got engaged in front of the princess castle at Disneyland in California. I was beyond shocked. Have been engaged for a little over a month;. Have not decided on a date yet!
  • I got engaged June 17 2012. No wedding date yet. And he propsed at The Boat House in Tiverton Rhode Island :
  • Where did you get engaged? In my living room.

    How long have you been engaged? Since this past January.


  • I have been engaged 3 months. I got engaged at Yellowstone National Park by Yellowstone Lake. : Just lovely :
  • I got engaged and month ago today, on the beautiful beach in Destin, Florida! My now fianc and dad worked together to do it! It was perfect!
  • Mike proposed to me at the park in Paradise, CA (where he took me the first time I visited his hometown).  Watching the sunset, overlooking the canyon; celebrating our year running our automotive business :)  We got engaged on August 8, 2012 <3

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    we got engaged as the ball dropped on New Years Eve 12/31/11, exactly 8 months ago!! he proposed in our home after cooking a dinner of rib eye and steamed lobsters, just the two of us. So romantic!! We're getting married 4/13/13!
  • Engaged at the zoo Engaged for 15 months
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    Where did you get engaged?: At his house, after dinner & a movie. He had someone set up candles everywhere, and had our song playing. So sweet :)

    How long have you been engaged?: Just hit the 3 year mark. We had a baby, and have been saving for a nice wedding. Wedding date is set for next fall.

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  • In Response to Kleinfeld Bridal Giveaway Day 5!:
    We got engaged in our house on Valentines Weekend 2012! Engaged for 6 mos,
  • I got engaged on a hiking trail in the woods at the Lake of the Ozarks, MO (where we first met!). He proposed on our 4 year anniversary! I've only been engaged since August 4th, and COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!!
  • I got engaged in front of my whole family in Hollywood Beach, FL.. My now fiance sent a DVD to my uncle while we were on vacation (fiance wasn't able to go on trip) of him skydiving and landing next to a sheet with a wedding proposal painted on it and then walked through the door suprising us all!!!
    I've been engaged for one month and 19 days. :-)
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