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Kleinfeld Bridal Giveaway Day 5!


Re: Kleinfeld Bridal Giveaway Day 5!

  • I got engaged a little of a month ago on top of Yosemite falls looking over the entire valley : we have been together for over five years but are waiting to get married once we both graduate from college.
  • Where did you get engaged?  We got engaged on the lake where we spend weekends in the summer with his family. He took me out on the boat and popped the question in the middle of the lake.

    How long have you been engaged? Since April 30, 2012 ... 4 months! And the wedding is in 16 days!


  • Me and my fianc were engaged at the Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East on a trip to Hershey Park. We've been engaged for 2 years and 1 month.
  • My fiance asked me to marry him at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC and we've been engaged for 2 years and 9 months-the wedding's soon :):):)

  • I got engaged in Texas and have been for three months!!!! :
  • My fiance proposed in our living room in Los Angeles as I came home from work one afternoon. We have been engaged a little over four months and plan to be married next September.
  • We got engaged in White Rock, BC Canada
    We have been engaged for 6 months :)
  • I got engaged in west Dundee, il and I have been engaged for three Weeks!
  • I've been engaged for 6 months. We love to snowboard so my fianc proposed to me at the first ski resort we ever snowboarded at. Were getting married Feb 1, 2012 in North Lake Tahoe!
  • Where did you get engaged?

    My fiance proposed to me in a baseball dugout. That is where we had our first kiss :) I would have never thought that three years after that kiss, I would be getting proposed to in that very spot!

    How long have you been engaged?

    We have been engaged since November 2011, so about 10 months!

  • I've been engaged for two months!! We were hiking and atop the most beautiful cliff overlooking the lake below he proposed while cousin who set us up was snapping pictures! Prefect moment and a beautiful setting! Even better was the boat below playing sir mix a lots I like big butts song!!!
  • We got engaged on the lake during a beautiful sunset right down the way from our house. We only have been engaged 3 days!! I'm so excited the start the planning :)
  • We got engaged on valentines day at an italian restraunt! We will be married june 22, 2014. So I will be engaged for 2 years. :
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    Where did you get engaged? In our home office.. :) It took me by complete surprised when I turned around in my chair and I saw him with my ring!

    How long have you been engaged? It will be one year on September 12. We're taking our time to save up money and to pay off the venue and vendors. We are both in college so it's taking us a little bit more time and money. Our wedding date is May 23, 2013 <3
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  • How long have you been engaged? We have been engaged for 1 week!!

    Where did you get engaged? We got engaged during our families' vacations in Sea Isle City, NJ. He proposed between the two houses where we first met and shared our first kiss! Both our families were waiting upstairs to celebrate, and when we all walked to the bar an hour later, all of our friends were waiting there to surprise me! The most perfect day! :)

  • We got engaged this past New Years at midnight in his back yard party in front of tons of friends and family. It's been 8 months since we got engaged and the time keeps flying by.
  • We got engaged in the Grand Caynon.  We took a helicopter from the Vegas airport into the Caynon.  Although the ride made me a little sick, it didn't stop him from proposing among the most breath taking view!

    We've been engaged for 1 year and 2 1/2 months!  Can't wait to marry him! 
  • My man asked me to marry him on September 13, 2011 in our living room surrounded by 30 of our friends and family members, of which he secretly flew in my sister from Canada, my best friend from Michigan, and his brother from Maryland. I knew nothing until I stepped into the house, and it has been the best day of my life until September 15, 2012 when I finally get to marry him!

  • Where did you get engaged? In our kitchen. The ring was in a pizza box! How long have you been engaged? 4 months on Sept 3rd.
  • Where did you get engaged? I got engaged in my backyard one night after a long and horrible night at work.

    How long have you been engaged? I have been engaged for a year and 16 days

  • I've been engaged for about 4 months and I got engaged at a nearby park after a lovely dinner. Our wedding is April 27th, 2013 :D
  • We got engaged on the deck of the queen Mary and have been engaged for almost 3 months :
  • We have been engaged since 6/23/12. He proposed at the bottom of rhe Cape Coral bridge, in the rain,on one knee ; I'm a lucky girl, but that day I was grumpy, I just couldn't understand why on earth he needed me to get out of the car, in the rain, with flip flops on, but it was worth every bit of having wet toes ...
  • We got engaged at castle hill in Newport, RI..at sunset, with our parents watching from a hiding spot!! A dream come true!! We have been engaged for exactly 30 days. :
  • Where did you get engaged? We attended a high school reunion function and met up again after 31 years!  So a year later, we got engaged at the same venue where the reunion was held.  He set it all up and it was wonderful!

    How long have you been engaged? We have been engaged for 8 months and are getting married March 30, 2013!

  • My fiancee and I have been engaged since the day we met on November 29 09. We both knew we were ment for each other. He officially proposed on November 29 2011 at the Mcallen Convention Center in Mcallen TX. The same spot were he asked me to be his girl friend, and shared our first kiss. We have set the date for April 6 2013.
  • We have been engaged for 4 months. My fianc proposed to me on our 7 year anniversary April 26, 2012. After a romantic dinner he took me up to the lake at 10pm and asked me to walk on the beach with him. We walked around and talked and as I was turning to go back to the car since it was cold, he grabbed my hand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
  • Patrick proposed to me on May 11th, 2011, so we have been engaged for a year and three months. He proposed on the front steps of our first house. We are getting married on October 7th on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida.
  • I have been engaged to the love of my life for five months! He popped the question where we first metthe hedges that separated our childhood homes!
  • We got engaged at an ice rink in Kalamazoo, MI and are getting married Auguest 24, 2013 at Southern Exposure Herb Farm in Battle Creek, MI
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