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New to all of this !

So, we are planning a wedding for May 2013. However, I'm the first child in my family to do this so I'm a bit overwhelmed lol, all we have agreed upon is the date and the colours that we would like to have. Any tips from anyone here? I've just been looking at ideas, but not sure when we need to start booking everything and all that. Thanks everyone, I look forward to all the ideas I get to go and get immersed in :D 
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Re: New to all of this !

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    Your next step is to decided on an appromiate number of guests. When that is decided you can begin looking for your venue. Next step would be your photographer. You can wait about 8-6 months before your date to book your florist, bakery, limo etc. Also, The Knot gives you a great timeline on here. Good luck. It's going to be a fun time in your life.

    PS- Check out Etsy for great deals on accessories and reception items (table numbers, place cards, etc). I saved a ton of money shopping on there!  
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  • Don't forget to set a budget! That will help you identify what your options are. I'd start failry soon, depending on where you live. My venue was almosy fully booked well over a year from our date!! We got the last Saturday in the month we wanted!

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  • Congratulations on getting engaged!  I'm another May 2013 Bride and the first one in my family to get engaged/married.  Check out the May 2013 board under the Wedding Month Boards tab.  Those ladies are really helpful and you can see what they've already got done so far.
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  • wow, you guys are all so helpful! Thank you for all the tips, I really appreciate it. I'm excited to start planning everything else :D 
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  • You have a year... you can go about trying to find your venue now (if you have a tentative number of guests, a date and a tentative budget).  

    I had/have less than  year to plan...  booked my florist first... then the venue (well, I had the venue first but hadn't paid the deposit yet when I booked the florist).  Then I booked my photograher.  I am now looking to book a caterer, baker and dj and possibly transportation.  Check out the Knots checklist and russelandhazel.com.  It'll help you with a timeline of when to book what.
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