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Just Engaged and Proposals

bad proposal


Re: bad proposal

  • I hate to sound like a bitch, but you are dissapointed because he didn't propose the way YOU wanted?  Whatever.

    The fact that he got you a ring, got down on bended knee and asked you to be his wife...a lifelong commitment that should make you feel like a queen...and you're going to complain about it?  Smh.

    My FI did it on a rainy Monday as soon as he got out of work...nothing spectacular, but it was still the most special day of my life because he officialy declared his love and commitment to me.

    I'm reading all of these "disappointments".  Jeez ladies....arn't you the least bit grateful for your man and his efforts?!
  • I had guessed all of his proposal ideas, he was going to propose at the concert venue that we met at. I was stupid and said "this would be the perfect place for you to propose" he was kind of upset, because that was his plan. Then we had tickets to see Blink-182 after their reunion, and I said something along the lines of "this would be a good proposal song" when we were listening to the song "The Rock Show" a few days before the concert, and ruined yet another planned engagement. (He was sick during the Blink-182 concert since he started antibiotics that day, and probably wouldn't have done it anyway) I'm pretty amazing at ruining surprises of any kind, he ended up proposing on a lazy Saturday that we spent running doing some shopping and mostly just cuddling in bed. 
  • I can understand how you'd be disappointed. I probably would have been on the same boat. ENTIRELY understandable, but like it sounds like you've figured out that you can't change it. Years down the road you will be like my parents and pick on your H for the way he did it lol. My father set the ring on the table at a pizza place and said "I hope you aren't busy June 24th" haha! Could have been much, much worse. And unfortunately, you're going to regret the way you instantly felt about the entire thing for a while :(
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  • Although the ring didn't fit and he was so nervous he didn't get down on one knee I am happier then ever to spend the rest of my life with my FI. We were in Las Vegas at the time, and he wanted to go to the top of the Eifel Tower, well the wait was 2 hours. I of course complained, and he said it will be worth it. I knew from that moment he's going to propose up there. I was standing in line waiting and waiting for us to go up to the top. About 15 mintues of being up there he just says "will you marry me?" and that was it. The ring didn't fit (he knew it wouldn't) nor did he get on one knee. He spoke so softly noone even heard him and it was packed up there. I'm still happy with the proposal because I get to marry the man I love.
  • I got engaged under very similiar circumstances...We were supposed to go out for dinner, I wasn't ready and my roommate had left the kitchen a mess...He started commenting on the mess (something that drives me nuts)...as I came down the stairs telling him to ZIP IT, I found him down on one knee....NOT romantic and NOT epic in the traditional sense, but perfect none-the-less....usually confident and secure, in that moment looking into his eyes I saw love, nervousness and vulnerability and it melted my heart.  I will NEVER forget that moment. 

    If you start this journey in your life off with that kind of an attitude be prepared for a pattern to continue.  Make the conscious decision to cherish and appreciate every moment, the good and the bad.  Life is not a fairy tale and it is not scripted.  The sooner you realise that, the happier you will be.
    Good luck
  • Don't worry - I'm sure I've got you beat for bad reactions. My FI proposed on my couch and as he pulled out a ring I thought he was joking. It was the EXACT ring I said I did NOT like; as in, the one style I had said "gee, I'm really not into that". So, it took me some time to realize he was serious and then I said "of course!". But, the moment was blown (I'm not so good at hiding emotions) and he knew I didn't like it. Luckily, my FI knows me well enough that he was 50/50 that I'd want to exchange it so he was prepared for that.

    I ended up keeping the ring. I felt much better about it in the morning in new light and I just wanted it to be the one he picked out. But, we will forever have my reaction to the proposal to look back on and laugh.
  • We had picked our date and I knew the proposal was coming,I was actually expecting a small little at-home proposal.

    We went on vacation with my kids and at a restaurant on a pier over the ocean after the BEST food and wine lol, he stood up and made a production of it, involving my kids and everything. totally unexpected. He is never that demonstraive or showy.
    Your proposal is a special part of your story, learn to look back and love it as a moment of transition in your relationship.

    and don't start getting high wedding hopes and thinking things have to live up to an ideal, thats a set up for a let down! Just take on faith that it will be how it is meant to be, and that simplicity can be perfect!
  • I was disappointed with my proposal at first.  Because it was not the way I had always visioned it.  But, he came to wake me up for work ( I worked overnites at the time) and he had his son (who was 3) hand me the box.  I knew what was in it, cuz he had shown me the box beforehand, but him having his son, who I absolutely love, give me the box and ask me to be a part of his family, was so special, it completely passes all my expectation for the proposal I had wanted.
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  • It's funny because I had the exact opposite reaction to the original poster.  My FH for YEARS has been talking about these amazing proposal ideas that he had, and I was a little concerned.  A friend once told me that men think it has to be this big elaborate thing...and I would have always been happy with a random Tuesday at home!  If anyone has ever seen Bride Wars, the way that Anne Hathaway's character gets proposed to is what I thought would be perfect for my fiancé and I...spending time with each other at home like we enjoy!

    Well, FH had planned a big "surprise" party for my birthday on the 29th...but since he is horrible at surprises, I totally knew it was coming.  So, when he took my sister with him to buy the ring, she kind of pushed him in the right direction by saying "you will totally propose tonight, huh?".  She wanted me to be completely surprised, and I was! It was a random Monday night in our living room, and it was PERFECT <3
  • HA  i dont feel so bad now i thought i was the only one with "not so great story" me and my FI have been together since we were 14 and now at 23 &24 with 2 kids and living together it was just kinds the next thing to do lol we always wanted to get married and one day we went to the store and he just went over to the jelwery counter and told me 2 pick out the one i wanted and i did and that was it

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  • edited August 2010

    I think is that he meant to surprise you, for it to be out of no where. My FI did it in a hurry as well because he says that I'm always on my guard lol.

    In the end the most important thing is that you love each other. Don't compare your proposal to others because it's just going to make it worse.

    The only thing I wish would've been different in my proposal was getting a picture while he was proposing! =( Since I was quiet after he asked he was like "is this a yes or a no?" and I answered "I'm getting a mental picture babe hold on" =D
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  • I loved my proposal. I would be pissed if he had just right out asked me and didn't plan anything. You'll remember it for the rest of your life and people always ask how it happened. Just my opinion though. 
  • My husband told me that he would do my proposal before the year was out. I waited and waited and waited. You know when he did it  Dec.31,2001 @11:59pm with no ring,no flowers, nor was he on bended knee, when I did say, "yes" Mr. Clark said, "Happy New Year"s. We have been married for 8yrs now planning to renew our vows and this time he said that he knew that he proposed to me horrible the first time and he wanted to make sure he did it right this time.
    So I got flowers, candles and a 3karat ring with him on his knee saying that he loves me and wants to spend another 8 yrs + with me. I cried like a baby. So your man might not have did it like you wanted him too, but he just might surprise you on your almost 9th anniversary.
  • hehe, feel you are disappoint, but his words are sweet. You have been together so much years, so maybe create some fresh thing is good. But anyway you love hime so, just take his words.

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