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I was never the girl who always dreamed of what type of wedding I wanted but as
I got older and really started picturing myself with my fiance I had a few things I decided I just really wanted and envisioned for myself. That being said I really want to get married the end of Spring/beginning of Summer. I live in New England and the weather is just great around that time of year and it is just something I really want.  When I presented this date to my fiance he got kind of wierd about it and said he thinks we need more time...Now I am all for him and I doing this together but we know that my family is giving us $5,000 and I am contributing $2,000 of my own money but his family is only going to help with the rehearsal dinner whenever that is. He wants us to be able to give more but I think we can make it work with the money we have already...My family has a tradition that when my family offers to give a certain amount the groom or bride's family is asked to donate a similar amount...BUT my fiance's mother is not all about that and has made it clear she thinks we should wait until September or October to get married or even 2013 when we have the money make our "dream wedding" happen...Any thoughts on how I can deal with this maturely and calmly?? 

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