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Ring insurance for non-homeowners?

I got engaged this past June and my fiance still has not gotten around to purchasing insurance for my engagement ring. We don't have homeowner's or renter's insurance (we rent in NYC) so I'm not entirely sure how we should go about insuring my ring since we can't add it to an existing policy. Anyone else in the same boat? How did you go about this? What company did you use, how much did it cost, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Re: Ring insurance for non-homeowners?

  • It might not be a bad time to get renter's insurance (my friend had it and it saved is a$$ once) but if you aren't interested, most insurance companies offer ring insurance I find (for example, our homeowner's policy is through State Farm, but they also have seperate ring insurance [http://www.statefarm.com/aboutus/_pressreleases/2011/april/12/losing-it-on-your-wedding-day.asp]) Pick an insurance firm you're comfortable with and look into their policies 
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    I still live at home with my parents, in fact so does FI.  I actually got a policy from Personl Circle, which used to be Jewelers Mutual.  They are great.

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  • Girl, you gotta get renter's insurance!  Protect your assets-seriously. If you get robbed, if there is a fire (think about smoke damage, or even just sprinkler damage), or other incident that destroys your belongings, you want to be able to replace that stuff without significant cost to you.  Renter's insurance is like $100/yr for pretty good coverage.  I assume you could add your ring to this, but you'd need to ask the company (I've used both Geico and State Farm, and currently use state farm for my condo policy).
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    I have a personal articles insurance policy that all of my jewelry is under. It is not tied to renters. home owners insurances. It is simply a policy for only jewelry.

    But you should still get renters insurance.
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  • I used jewelers mutual  ot also known as perfect circle. This company only insures jewelry. 
  • Another vote for getting renter's insurance ASAP!  Make sure you know what the policy covers, however.  I pay about $115 a year (through Liberty Mutual) to cover my possessions, but any jewelry items over $1,000 (ie. engagement/wedding rings) require a separate rider, which is $40 a year (based on the appraisal value of my ring).
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  • I definitely think you should be getting renters insurance.  Ours is super cheap and we just added my ring onto it for an extra $25 a year.  So worth it!
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  • So, renter's insurance is now #1 on my list! Thanks all for the suggestions!

  • I just had to do the same this week. I had to get a renters insurance and the a supplemental plan for the ring. All I had to do was fax an appraisal for it. It in all cost less than $100/yr. simple and worth it!
  • I got engaged in August 2012 and in January 13 I was going on a cruise with my fgamily (who had yet to see the ring because we live accross the country!). I HAD to get my ring insured so I got renter's insurance with a jewelry rider, just make sure the rider includes anything that could happen to your ring no matter where you are, NOT just it getting stolen from your apartment. I got mine through Geico (who apparently utilizes Traveler's) and my total for the year was $156. Totally worth the peace of mind knowing if I had lost my ring in the ocean it would be ok Laughing
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