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So now that I'm engaged, I almost consider myself fortunate that I haven't had dozens upon dozens of bridal magazines and planning books thrown my way.  However, should I venture out and pick up a planning book on my own?

There are so many resources online, I'm crazy organized on my own (It's been a little over a week and I have a killer spreadsheet going already), is a planning book necessary?  Has anyone else picked up any that they like or didn't like?

And to throw in my own proposal story, since I hadn't gotten around to making that post yet...

My fiance' (can't get used to that just yet) and I have been together just short of two years.  Everything moved way too fast from the very start.  And while I knew that moving so quickly is risky in any relationship, it always felt so right.  The 'I love you's' came in less than two weeks, we moved in together after only six months... but we took a little more time and care when it came to the 'M' word.

Last weekend, I knew we had a nice weekend planned.  I had that inkling that this could be it, but didn't want to bank on it and be disappointed.  However, it was so perfect.  Saturday morning, I woke up to kisses from my boyfriend.  He had come over to my side of the bed.  When he finally got me to open my eyes, he knelt down and asked me to marry him.  Nothing fancy, nothing glamorous... but I swear it was the single most special, honest, and beautiful moment in our relationship, and probably my life.  We spent the weekend in bliss, while he continued to spoil me with one surprise after another.  Only a year and a half until another weekend just as perfect :) 

We've decided that we'll be married in October 2011.  So now it's time to start planning :)

Re: Planning Book

  • Congrats and welcome.  I wouldn't waste your money on a planning book, you can get so much info from here and several other sites.  Just get a 3-ring binder and put one together yourself.  I use my Bio more than anything and it was free.
  • I made my own planning book with a 3 ring bnder and tabs.  Works great.  I love my bio too though, its great for most things.  The binder is great for contracts and business cards etc.  Good Luck!
  • I put a binder together.  When I bought my binder, I bought one that had the clear plastic pockets on the front covers. I inserted a sheet of paper in one of those pockets that had all of my vendors and their phone numbers so they were easily accesible.  In the other pocket, I have a list of all important dates/payments due/appointments so I know what is coming up.  Congratulations!
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