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Ring guard?

So my boyfriend proposed to me on Thursday. It was the most perfect proposal ever with the most perfect ring. I told him my ring size years ago and he remembered but it seems as if my fingers have gotten smaller. I do not want to get my ring resized until the summer to make sure it is just not because of the winter, but until then I need a ring guard because otherwise it will just slip off. Does anyone have suggestions on where to get ring guards? I have heard metal ones scratch the ring, is that true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Ring guard?

  • You can get plastic ring snuggies at Walmart or stores like Claire's
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  • Also some jewelers can make one special to your ring. Sometimes the ring snuggies slip off and are bulky.
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  • My fiance's first titanium band was too big, so we bought a ring snuggie. He didn't find it uncomfotable at all. There are 5 ring snuggies in a pack...I think its 5. Anyways, if one is too bulky, go smaller, it also helps fit around the band. The metal ones do scratch the ring. It doesn't look good either. The ring snuggies are comfy and hardly noticeable.
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  • Ditto, get the ones from Wal-Mart or Claire's. If you ask for something at a jeweler's, they will give you some sort of ring guard, but it isn't invisible to the eye, and it is so bulky and goes on the outside on the ring.
  • Right after I got engaged, I involuntarily lost about 10-15 pounds, I originally tried the ring snuggies, but I think I'm going to end up having the ring and the wedding band resized. The only problem is that my ring is 100% one of a kind, my fiancee got it on etsy, and I want to keep the gorgeous details.
  • If it's big enough to fall off right now, chances are, your fingers won't swell THAT much in the summer to where it's too tight.  Get it sized now.  If it makes you feel better, go an hour after ther gym so your fingers are warmer and a bit more swollen to simulate summertime.
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