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Just Engaged and Proposals

Our Proposal on the 10! Show in Philadelphia

My sister is getting married and told me she won tickets to a taping of the 10! Show for a Bridal episode.
After rushing around to get there that morning, we just barely make it to the studio.
On the way there, she tells me that it is not a bridal episode, but that she just won tickets from a bridal expo.
When we were waiting in line, a woman is telling us how someone was getting engaged on the show, and my response "omg, I'm going to cry"
We were seated in the front row amongst kids from the local charter schools and a handful of other adults.
After sitting through the show, they bring out Bernie Robbins jewelry to discuss last minute gift ideas and of course I'm looking at the diamond engagement rings because thats what all girls would do.
They are doing the segment, and then make notice that a ring is missing.
I was completely oblivious, and watching the one way, and off to my right, my wonderful better half come from behind a curtain towards me.
Now at this moment when I finally realize its him for me, and turn to my mom and sister and tell them I hate them.
Not only did I not have my nails done, I barely did my hair, had no makeup and such because I was there for my sister, not me.
He kept what he said short and sweet because he was so nervous, but of course I said yes.
We watch the video EVERYDAY just to laugh at our reactions.
Honestly, I don't think it could've been done any different.

Here is the link to the morning show video:

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