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Getting ring resized...

I took my ring in on Tuesday to get resized and am shocked how hard it has been not having it on. I've only been engaged for two weeks ( 1 1/2 when I took it in) but I sure got attached quickly! It will be ready Monday and I don't think I've ever wanted a weekend to end so quickly in my life!! Has anyone else felt like this?

UPDATE: I got a call this morning (Saturday) saying my ring was ready!! So so so happy. It's back on my hand now. :) It was the best surprise.
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Re: Getting ring resized...

  • I have!  I hated having my ring off to have it resized, so much so that I paid $10 extra to get it done in a week rather than two.  Zales takes the full 2 weeks to get anything done unless you pay to have it done faster.  It has to be dipped in rhodium before the wedding and I'm dreading the two weeks without it since I wear it every single day.  It feels weird to not wear it.
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  • I completely agree! I'm having a two-year engagement so it will definitely have to be redipped before the wedding and I'm already dreading that! I also have my ring through Zales, but they said it would only take a week. I hope that was true! I can't imagine an extra week without it!
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  • I'm taking mine this weekend for the rodium and to have it resized. I am dreading it already and I've only had it for 5 days!! I will have nothing to stare at:(
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  • Oh no! And yea, you get attached quickly. I only had it for eleven days before I sent it in... :/ It's killing me not having it. I know it needed to be done (it was too big and I was afraid it would fall off in the shower or while swimming) but it's still hard to be without it.
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  • When we went to take mine to get cleaned 2 weeks ago, they told me about the rhodium.  We're gonna put off getting it dipped until right before the wedding.  The associate told me I could wear my band while my ring was getting dipped (they came as a set).  I wasn't sure what to say but I don't believe in wearing the band out before actually being married.  We went ahead and got the band sized when we got them inspected for the warranty since we were already there.

    I've heard some Zales may be faster than others in getting things done.  It took 2 weeks exactly to get my band back.  We paid extra for the e-ring and got it back in about a week.  It's only frustrating because the Zales closest to us is a 30-40 minute drive so finding time to pick up the rings is sometimes hard.
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  • I agree it is awful being apart from your ring. I can't stand it. I had a two year engagement and my ring didn't show any signs of yellowing so I just got it cleaned normally before hand. Now that I have two rings and they rub together they are starting to yellow a bit on the bottom. No one can see this part unless I turn my hand palm up and take a good look. I have to get the rhodium done to them. This will be a pain because they came from two different stores.
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  • its the worst feelingwhen you have it off. I have to take it off everyday for boxing, and for that hour I am freaking out! The minute I take my gloves on I put the ring back on!

    When we first started looking at rings I mentioned to my FI that i would rather WAIT for him to get the ring the right size so we didnt have to take it back. I have a tiny finger so its not just a matter of sizing for most rings, it has to be customed if there are any sort of side stones otherwise it loses the integrity and the stones will pop out! And that take 6-8 weeks! I could not imagine getting it then having to give it back for that long!!

  • n00b here, what is the deal with getting it dipped in rodium? I have never heard of this?
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  • To be honest, I told my fiance I preferred platinum (when he asked long ago what I would prefer) just because I know myself, and I'd most likely forget to bring my ring in to get rhodium dipped as often as it would need, then be upset that it looks yellow (really dislike yellow gold).

    I guess I'm lucky enough to be in NYC and work right near the diamond district.  When we had the ring appraised (it is an antique, so we had it done for insurance purposes) the appraiser recommended a person to size it down for me and they did it while I was there right in front of me.  On the other side of the spectrum, one of our friends had to send their engagement ring to Jersey to get resized for some reason (maybe they went through the place they bought it at?) and it took 3 weeks!

    I know I felt naked without it on while I watched the guy resize it.  Can't imagine going a full week or longer without it on!

    I wouldn't feel right wearing the band before our wedding either!
  • Uber, here is a link for you. CLICK 
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  • Ahhh, thank you erollis, I guess I don't have to worry then, I insisted on a yellow gold ring :)
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  • When I had to have mine resized I shopped around a lot. My ring is a family hierloom so there was no one jeweler I had to take it to. Every place I went to either had to send it out or was backed up and needed two to three weeks, which neither FI or I were comfortable with. Shopping around paid off though. I found a jeweler willing to do it in one business day. I dropped it off at 9am and had it back by 3pm the same day. Cost an extra $20 but was worth every penny. 
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  • @Annas2013- I wouldn't wear my wedding band before the wedding either. It's really weird that she would even recommend that! And I'm so sorry you have to drive that far! Luckily for me the closest Zales is 15 minutes away. @erollis- I didn't even think about what would happen when I started wearing both bands! That's not going to be fun! I might have to get them done separately just so I'll have something on my finger. @abwatts- My ring is a size seven, which is what I thought I was because that's what my promise ring was, but it turns out I'm a 6 1/2. The promise ring was basically a band with diamonds set in it so it didn't move much, but my engagement ring is a solitaire and moved around a lot. I thought it would be okay because my fingers fluctuate in size on a daily basis, but they never got so big that the ring was tight, so I decided to take it in and have it resized.
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  • @thegreeneyedkri- That's so great that you found a place that would do it right in front of you! My fiancé got the Lifetime Warranty for my ring through Zales and I didn't know if taking it somewhere else to get it resized would void that. I'll ask next time I'm in the store. I would much rather pay to have someone resize it in front of me than have it done for free, but be without it for a week. @cnf2013- I think I'll really have to look into a jeweler that can do it the same day. You can look to my response to thegreeneyedkri for why I didn't this time.
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  • You're welcome Uber.

    Blyth, I have the lifetime on both of my rings. I have no idea what would happen if you took it to someplace other then Zales. I hate being without my rings but figure since I paid for the lifetime warranty thing might as well use it. 
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  • I would hate to be without my ring for a week!  We bought all our rings (e-ring and both of our wedding rings) from Jared and they had my ring sized within a day, and had the e-ring and wedding band saughtered together within 2 days.  As much as I dislike the sales people in our local Jared (they have opinions about people like H and me who pay cash and don't use their credit to buy jewelry), I would hate to wait a week to get my rings back.  They rhodium dipped my e-ring right before the ceremony same day. 

    FWIW, even for the day or 2 here and there when I don't have my rings, I hate it.  I feel naked without them.
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  • haha I got so attached to me ring when he first gave it to me.. It's my dream ring. Absolutely EXACTLY what I wanted... 
    But now it's been on my finger for a year and a half and I already am kinda "eh" .. bahaha.. Not towards the ring! The ring is GORGEOUS, but I am not a jewelry person so I often take it off (for lifting weights, showering, running, etc) and forget to put it back on for a couple days. oops :o

  • my fingers are WAY small and i had it resized twice.... it was killer !
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  • yikes! I can't imagine having to be without it that long!! I was without it for an hour for the re-size and I thought that was the longest hour of my life! LOL

    He got the ring at Robbins Brothers, if you make an appointment, it takes an hour to two hours. If you drop it off, it takes 2 days.
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  • Is it awful that I'm avoiding getting my ring resized so I don't have to be without it. I'm planning on getting my ring and band soldered together so maybe I'll just wait until then, so I only have to be without it once!
  • Yes - and it was the longest 10 days EVER.
  • I hate it. I got engaged on June 10th, dropped it off on the 16th and Zales told me I wont get it back until July 5th! This is the longest 3 weeks of my life. I dropped it off with my wedding band because they came as a set. I dont know if its because of the holiday but I hate that Im without it. I want it back!!
  • I just got engaged a couple weeks ago, and was planning on getting it resized next week. We're seeing my fiances grandparents then, so I figured I would wait until after we see them... and then would for sure have it back before I head out of town at the beginning of April to see my sister so she can see it in person. I will miss it, but I think I would prefer that it actually fit properly.

    Would you get the wedding band sized at the same time, or do that closer to the wedding? We are tentatively planning a wedding for next spring, so I definitely have the time - I just didn't know.

  • I dropped my ring off on a Sunday and got it back in the same week on Wednesday... I hated not having it for that amount of time, I can't imagine it being gone for two weeks. I would suggest finding another ring to wear in its place until you get it back, it helped me at least. Just a suggestion :)
  • I suggest finding a place that will do ring re-sizing on sight. Took about an hour for my ring to get re-sized and polished. I couldn't imagine being without my ring for more than an hour.
  • Ugh - I noticed yellow showing through on my ering last week.  :(  I HATE yellow gold, and wasn't sure how long it would take to get it redipped, the wedding isn't until next April so I wonder if I should just go ahead and get it done. 


  • Yeah!! Mine just got back from being resized and I finally get it from my FI sun!! It was shipped back to his place and he's holding it until my Bday as I'm on a work streak and don't wear it at work anyway.
  • Zombie thread from 2012.  @KnotPorscha
  • Ugh - I noticed yellow showing through on my ering last week.  :(  I HATE yellow gold, and wasn't sure how long it would take to get it redipped, the wedding isn't until next April so I wonder if I should just go ahead and get it done. 

    I know this is a zombie thread but I am questioning what your ring is if you're seeing yellow gold. White gold may show when the rhodium plating wears off but I don't know why you'd plate a yellow gold ring.
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    I suggest finding a place that will do ring re-sizing on sight. Took about an hour for my ring to get re-sized and polished. I couldn't imagine being without my ring for more than an hour.
    OK, I'll chime in.  Very few places will let you watch while they resize your rings.  All the mall stores send their repair work out to someone who may work out of his home or an office building. They often do not advertise their services to the public for security reasons.  They usually have a back up, which is why you usually have to wait a while.  If you have a ring from a place like Kay's, having your ring sized without going through them (profit$) will nullify any warranty.
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