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Oval shaped ring band

When my FI proposed the ring hadn't been sized to my finger. My finger size is 5.75 and the ring was a 6.75. I took it back to Kay Jewelers a few days after the proposal to have it resized. I told them my ring size and they explained with the type of setting and with the side stones, the band part of the ring might have to be made oval shaped instead of the usual circle shape. I was told that the ring wouldn't look any different once it was on my finger. Two LONG weeks later I went back to retrieve my ring which was a little lose, not enough to fall off, but it didn't stay in place on my finger either. But I thought it was due to driving two hours in the AC so my fingers were smaller than usual due to being cold. But now after wearing it in different temperatures for the last few days it is still lose on my finger, and now I am wondering if making the band oval shaped somehow changed the size of the ring?

Did anyone else run into this problem?
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Re: Oval shaped ring band

  • I would wear it through a few hot/cold seasons and then see what you think.  Your finger changes sizes way more than you think.  Also, if you decide to put a wedding band with it, it will make it way more snug as well.
  • The weird thing is that I have a ring that was sized by a jeweler as being 5.75 that I had been wearing on my ring finger for the last five years (until I became engaged) that I wore through many hot/cold seasons without it ever being too big or too small...
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  • I don't understand what you mean by an oval shaped band.  Does the ring have channel set side stones?  If so, they may have been concerned with the stones becoming loose after sizing, but they shouldn't have since that's not really a big change.  I'd check with them to find out if that was why and if they can perhaps just order you one in your correct size.
  • Yes due to the side stones the ring band had to made oval shaped when it was made smaller.
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  • My friend's husband bought her a new set at Kay's.  They had to get it redone at least 3 times because of the resizing issue.  They finally had to get one custom made because the style she got couldn't get resized due to the channel stones. 
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