Just Engaged and Proposals

Won't Set Date

My fiance and I got engaged a couple of months ago.  Friends continue to ask us when the date is.  Fiance just responds, "We haven't set a date yet."  I'm becoming concerned that he's hesitant about setting a date.  We went to visit my family this past weekend for Father's Day.  My fiance made a comment about how everyone kept asking when the wedding would be.  I explained that most people have a date in mind after they get engaged.  He responded, "But we're not most people."  He said he could see us getting married anywhere from 300-900 days from now.  I looked at him quizzically.  Then he said, "What's the rush?"  Ugh.  I don't know the best way to talk to him about this.  If he's saying "what's the rush?" then I really don't understand why he proposed.
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