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need diamond rating/certification help!

Ok so we are planning our wedding but we haven't bought the ring yet.  He's letting me pick my ring out.  My dad's cousin recommended her jeweler and my dad and I went to meet him today.  He seemed great and trustworthy but since I don't personally know him, I want to be on the safe side.  He does not have a shop, he only does business through referal.  He buys diamonds and settings from the manufacturer and sells them to jewelers.  He does this from his office at his family's business.  I checked the website and it does have a small section about it for contact purposes, but he does not advertise.  He had a beautiful diamond that has a UGS mini certification document with it, but I don't know how trustworthy that is.  Now since I'm buying it directly from him and not from an actual jeweler it is a lot less expensive.  Of course this makes me suspicious, but my dad and his cousin trust him and the diamond completely.  He does guarantee that he will buy back his diamonds for at least 90% of what he sells them for.  My dad's cousin actually took him up on that and he came through.  Now it's appraised for $8600 and he wants to sell it to me for $2900 including setting it, sizing the ring, tax, everything.  The diamond is 1.02 carots, E, SI2.  What do you think?

Re: need diamond rating/certification help!

  • Appraisals can be tricky because most places always appraise for at least double.

    If its not a 100% guarantee that he will give you a full refund if things dont check out, then I wouldnt do it.

    A mini certification just has basic info on the diamond but that should be proof that its real and the specs are correct.  If things dont check out and he lied on the certification, thats illegal.
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  • That is a pretty good deal. Bluenile has similar descriptions for about $4700. I would go for it if your dads cousin is vouching for him. How close is your dads cousin and how trustworthy is he? Is he somone you have contact with often?

    I got mine through a distributor and it was a pretty good deal too so dont worry about the "cheapness" and it being too good to be true.

    The only concern i have is, if the diamond was pre-owned, you would never know and maybe that is why he is selling it cheaper. But you do have proof that the guy pulled through and his claims have checked out before. And i feel like if he were going to "scam" you, he wouldnt show you his real place of business and scam you for more than just $2900.

    if it were me, i would make him sign something saying if it doesnt check out, that he refund your money. that is legally binding and it would be a hassle but you COULD take him to court. Over 2900 may not be worth it when you factor in court costs and how long it might take to settle but it is some type of insurance.

    If you dont want to deal with all that, buy it somewhere else or get the guy to send it to get a GIA certificate and ask him to split the cost with you or something. I think it is a few hundred?

    Good luck!

    oh and yeah, the appraisal is typically alot more than the value of the diamond.
  • I did go for it and it worked out beautifully!  Thanks for the advice!
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