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Kari and Kyle--Ireland proposal

In February of this year I surprised Kyle with a trip to Ireland for his birthday. In may we took off for a week long vacation in Ireland! When we got there we immediately started planning to go see the sites, and one place Kyle was dying to see was the Blarney Castle, he wanted to kiss that darn stone. The first time he tried to book us a train and tour for the castle his credit card would not go through since he didn't call the bank to tell them he was in a different country..anyways we didn't get to go that day which worked out because it was raining, so we re-booked it. On May 12 we finally were able to get there. We took a train for 2 hours, then hopped on a tour bus for another hour (that was the worst part we got a tour guide who pointed out everything, even a MCDONALDS..lol we are american we've seen them a time or two..) anyways we finally go there and WOW it was beautiful the country side is amazing, we could not have gone on a better day either since it was the only day that it didn't rain. Well we started touring the castle and slowly made our way to the top where the stone is. I had told kyle time and time again that I was NOT going to kiss that stone that a bajillion others have kissed, gross..but alas I did. No for those who aren't familiar with how ones goes about kissing the stone heres what you do..You lay down on your back, and do a back bend kind of thing until you reach the stone, me being 5 foot 1 I really had to stretch, and when doing this you can't see anything thats going on above you. So I kissed the stone and when the guy helped sit me back up there was Kyle on his knee, holding a box..I was stunned at first and didn't really react, I was confused not to mention all the blood rushing back into my body after being upside down..Then he grabbed my hand and asked me to marry him! I was so excited and of course said YES which was followed by an awwww from all the other tourists, it was amazing, not everyone can say they were proposed to on top of a CASTLE! Our wedding is next Saturday! I planned the entire thing in less than 3 months! I was able to because I dont work, and we wanted to get married before I deploy which is at the end of August, our first year of marriage will be spent apart but I have so many great memories with him I can't wait to be back and make a million more!

Re: Kari and Kyle--Ireland proposal

  • Okay wow!! I have always always wanted to tour Ireland!! That's my dream honeymoon or Italy. Soo dreamy and sweet!! How much did it cost you guys to go there and did you have a package you could reserve?
  • My boyfriend knows I love Celtic music and have always wanted to go there so I'm hoping we can whenever we marry someday.:
  • It cost 2100..that included round trip airfare and a week long stay in a nice hotel! I thought it was a super great deal! I always book vacations through expedia.
  • In Response to Re: Kari and Kyle--Ireland proposal:
    [QUOTE]It cost 2100..that included round trip airfare and a week long stay in a nice hotel! I thought it was a super great deal! I always book vacations through expedia.
    Posted by karic89[/QUOTE]

    Thanks! I was wondering exactly on average how much it would cost in case i want to save my money ahead of time.:) Was this per person or for 2 people?
  • that was for the 2 of us total
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