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Anybody else brand newly engaged and stressed already?

I am so happy to be engaged but everything is so expensive.  It's a real bummer learning how much everything costs and how much needs to be done.  I am getting super stressed about the smallest things from thinking about the guest list to what kind of wedding band will go with my cathedral set engagement ring to what date to pick and everything else.  I think it's too early for this kind of stress!  I just got engaged in December.  Maybe it's because I haven't picked a date or place and put down a deposit and taken the first official step?  Anyone else prematurlely overwhelmed?
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Re: Anybody else brand newly engaged and stressed already?

  • Congrats!!

    I was engaged for 2 months or so before we even started planning anything. just take your time and try to enjoy the moment. TheKnot budget tool and the wedding checklists were very helpful for me when I was getting started (the checklist was EXTREMELY helpful!). The checklist includes things for every step and puts in thing you'd never think about. I'd take a look at it to see where you should go from here.
    Choosing a wedding month or season usually helps steer you towards getting a venue (and official date!).
  • It is so overwhelming!  I keep feeling like I'm going to let a detail slip through my fingers, and every time I'm presented with a choice, I just feel completely bewildered.  It's like I forgot how to make decisions!

    In that respect, I'm really lucky my fiance is pretty into the wedding planning.  He *says* it's because he lives where the wedding is and so he needs to be decisive.  But he found us an amazing reception venue and church.  And then he chose the color, and has thoughts on the bridesmaid dresses... :P  I have to say though, this is all really helpful given a) my current state of mind and b) the fact that we're getting married in less than 7 months and we just got engaged at Christmas.
  • Im getting married on a cruise also! I could not even begin to plan a wedding , its too much for me so thats why i went with a cruise wedding. Im so excited! Now we dont really have much to stress over everything, even though i know i will still worry about how things are going to turn out!
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  • Same here! I know what you mean! I got engaged almost 3 weeks ago. I was super excited and then I saw the real cost of everything. Lol. The overwhelming feeling comes and goes, I just put on a positive attitude and it gets better. Because an iphone app, i started to do a checklist of things. I don't know if I'm rushing my fiancé but we already set a budget, made a guest list and picked a few venues to check out. We even set a date within our first week. We set it around 18 months from now. The more time you give yourself the less stressed you'll feel. It's best to get the big choices out of the way and the stress starts to simmer (just for a bit, hehe). I'm just glad my fiancé is supportive and quite helpful with these things.
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  • Don't do that to yourseld just don't!!!  It will be a huge turn off for your new FI and it will ruin the first of many happiest time in your life moments!!!  

    My FI and I didn't start even thinking about the wedding till September and we got engaged in January!!  

    I would first just think about what time of year you want to get married and go from there, if it is summer do you feel comfortable doing it in 4 or 5 months or would it be better to wait a year and save then do it!

    Just start with that and then you can start to plan your budget after you price a few venues.  My FI and I are a little over 4 months our and let me tell you he hates talking about the wedding when I get all stressed out!!!  Its no fun for either of us when that happens just one thing at a time it can be very overwhelming but just stay on top of it!
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