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Recently engaged and planning an out of state wedding

We recently got engaged and are planning an out of state wedding. We live in NYC and will be getting married in Orlando Florida. 80% of our guests will be traveling, and we are on a super tight budget! Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? we set a date, a Sunday because we get great deals on a lot of things like venues catering cake etc. We chose about 3 venues that we are going to see but when it comes to etiquette and favors and receptions, its a lot. We are having a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception in one location to make it easier on our out of town guests. HELP

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  • I would check out the budget board and also the local board.

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  • I'm right there with you, engaged April 5, 2012 - I'm a Texas Gal planning a Florida wedding. Since we don't have a particular date we HAVE to have, what I have found helpful is 1st to find locations that you like and get price lists etc - that way you can cross them off your list or keep them. Then google and read as much as you can about each place. I finally have a much narrow list to go off of and now we are trying to set a date. I know some people set a date first, but that didn't work for us.
  • I'm getting married in November in Columbus, OH and have been planning from Orlando, FL. If you have any friends, siblings, or parents...have them go to bridal shows for you to checkout local vendors. Depending on how quickly you're getting married this may help you get some ideas. they have them often here. 

    I had my sister go to venues and meet with people for me, and utilize skype with her and my mom so I can be involved in the planning as well out of state. (this is great if you have people you can depend on to assist you)

    Save money on doing alot of the things yourself. Wedding invite templates and printing on your own paper-doing your own save the dates saves money as well!

    Good Luck :)
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