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Proposal Idea: Please let me know what you think

First of all, thank god this forum exists. It's been tremendously helpful in calming my nerves (and providing real feedback).

After much delay, I think I've figured out how I want to do this. We met while on an outdoor exursion in a national park in Montana. We're planning on going back with friends in the next couple of weeks to climb up a huge rock wall, so I'd like to ask her while we're both suspended high off the ground. (We're both climbers, so we're relatively used to the fear factor).

Do you think this is a good idea? My only hesitation is that it wouldn't be a "private" proposal, because obviously our friends would be below us (very far below) holding us up via the rope and harness. They wouldn't hear anything, and we'd be high up enough to be "alone." But, when we come back down, everyone will be there. They're close friends though (most of them at least), and I don't plan on telling any of them what I'm about to do.

Thoughts? I know she DEFINITELY will NOT be expecting this. Am I forgetting to consider anything important?


Re: Proposal Idea: Please let me know what you think

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    That sounds very cool.

    Not my cup of tea as I wanted to be completely alone (which is how it happened). But it sounds like you really thought about what she wants so I'm sure it will be great. Yay!

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  • My only thought is "Don't drop the ring".  If you think this is probably something your girl will love, go for it. 
  • Ha! The ring/box will be attached to me. If the ring goes, so do I. And I plan on waiting until we're on ground before it goes on her finger to make sure it doesn't get scratched on the way down.

    What I like most about this is that this is where we met, and this was the activity that brought us together.

    What I like least about it is that it's not TOTALLY private to us. I just want to make sure that she'll be ok sharing the moments immediately after the proposal with a few friends.
  • That sounds great!
  • Cute! 

    FI was going to propose to me on the top of the boulder at our climbing gym. Either that or put the ring at the top of a route and make me climb up and get it (with him belaying). Then his friend showed up unannounced to climb with us that night (and would.not.leave), and he couldn't wait to propose till the next time we were there so he ended up asking a day later in our living room. 

    Climbing is something we love doing together, so I would have loved it if he had managed to work it in. Not that I didn't love his proposal as it was - it was still perfectly us.
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  • It's a really great idea.  I say go for it, but there's nothing wrong with letting people know on the ground what you're going to do.  They'll be so excited when you come down, AND they'll give you the privacy you want up there. You can also get some amazing pictures this way :)  Congratulations, and let us know how it all goes!
  • If you both enjoy it together than do it! My fiance proposed on a fishing trip and it's the best story to me because we were doing something we enjoyed together.
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  • it sounds like a really fabulous idea, especially since it where the two of you have met. and the fact that she has no idea top it off. but i do agree with telling some of the close friends of your plans so you can get pictures i can only imagine how great the pictures will look from them being taken from the groud as you and her soon to be FI are up above.

    i am sure she will love it, best of wishes and congrats in advance. (:
  • That's fantastic! I love that she will have no idea. My fiance propsed to me after I had had the WORST day. He had planned on asking that night (not knowing how awful my day was) and I was so upset that I didn't even want to go initially. He took me to a beautiful restaurant with not many people there. We were talking about our future, etc. and he just got up, walked arond the table, and proposed. I was speechless! It was perfect for us. I'm pretty shy but always thought I wanted SOMEONE to see it.

    His original plan was to propose to me in the middle of the class I was taking. Lucky for me, my classroom had been switched; I probably would have been mortified! lol.

    I do however, think it's not a bad idea to let the folks on the ground know what's up. That way they can help you out if you need it AND take photos!!

    Good luck!
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    [QUOTE]It's a really great idea.  I say go for it, but there's nothing wrong with<strong> letting people know on the ground what you're going to do</strong>.  They'll be so excited when you come down, AND they'll give you the privacy you want up there. You can also get some amazing pictures this way :)  Congratulations, and let us know how it all goes!
    Posted by ashleyjgetsmarried[/QUOTE]

    <div>Not to mention they'll be prepared if she freaks out and faints or something :)</div><div>
    </div><div>It sounds like a nice propsal, definately memorable.</div>
  • We got engaged while at Disney Land with another couple. It was kind of perfect because
    a) There were people there to take pics AND video during and after. So now we have it on video!
    b) I was completely thrown off, since they setting wasn't necessarily "romantic." But that's a good thing! I just thought it was a casual outing with friends, and it never crossed my mind that he was going to propose. If we were alone and it was all serious I may have caught on.
    c) People to help celebrate when it's all over! The other couple bought us champagne and we celebrated all night.
    d) Disney is SO us, and a candlelight dinner would have just felt forced.
    I think your idea is GREAT!
  • that sounds like a great idea! definitely shows that you put some thought and effort into it. 
  • Do it.  Since the actual proposal will be (literally) up and away from your friends you two can have that private moment together, but I agree with what someone said earlier about giving your friends a heads up so they know to let you guys hang out there for a while.  Plus- you're going to completely surprise her!  Who would expect a proposal while you're climbing a rock wall?
  • Sounds great!
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  • Aw! I love the fact you put a of thought into it and tied it into something that is revelant to your relationship. Plus, the spontaneity of the moment (for her anyway!) is romantic. I would keep the mutual friends in the dark and when you both return to earth, you can share your engagement with your friends.

    Not that it is the same idea at all...but...my FI proposed before Christmas, was planning to hang the ring with an ornament on the tree, but after a very tumultuous month for me, as we were preparing to go to my work/staff friends holiday party, just before we left, he decided to surprise me. It was spontaneous, unexpected at the moment and rather nice to celebrate with friends afterwards-in our case, we happened to stop for champagne to bring along! 
  • WOW! that sounds amazing! I say go for it! My fiance proposed to me on top of a mountain on our snowboarding trip out to Montana, and it couldn't have been more perfect! I was always telling him that I wanted to be completly alone when he proposed too, but it  just so happened that 3 of our friends and about 20 strangers were onlookers for the occasion. But like I said before, it was PERFECT, I didnt even really notice anyone else once he was proposing. I would suggest maybe filling your friends in, so they know that you might be up there for a while. Also, maybe they can have someone below filming or taking photos? If thats your sort of thing.
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