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feeling like im putting the cart before the horse

Hello all! We got engaged on 1/7/12 we are still discussing dates and a big factor in that discussions is how much money we need to save, but we need to make some decisions on preferred venues and number of people and i am just having a hard time with that, any suggestions? i need help but am concerned about hiring a wedding planner A i don't think we could afford it B i am not sure how if that will make it more enjoyable or less, any ideas suggestions? Thank you in advance

Re: feeling like im putting the cart before the horse

  • You definitely don't need to hire a planner, especially if you're concerned about your budget.  Most venues have someone to help make sure everything flows smoothly on the day of and for anything that doesn't come with your package they may be able to suggest other vendors like DJ/band, florist, bakery, etc.  Once you see what's provided through your venue, you and your fiance can divide and conquer between the two of you to do your homework on other things, or get help from your mothers or anyone else willing to help you out.

    I think there was a post a while back on the Budget board where some people said they preferred having the planner to handle everything and some people were happier that they took care of things themselves, I guess it just depends whether you like to delegate even if things don't end up getting done the way you would have done it (in which case you might be happy with a planner), or if you're the type who feels that the only way for things to be done right is to do it yourself (in which case you might be better off without a planner).

    Good luck with everything :-)

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  • Thank you all for your replys!
  • The knot has some great tools and checklists...that's what I mainly use
  • I agree with making the "want" vs " need" guest lists.  My want/familial obligation list was well over 100 people, not including friends.  My "wouldn't dream of getting married without them being there" list was 3.  
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  • I also agree on the want vs need list, there are a lot of ways to cut cost but the easiest and most effective will be cutting the guest list.
    As other people have suggested, go to venue's and get their prices of how much each plate is and is it all inclusive tax grat, open bar all that.

    After you have done that sit down and crunch numbers and figure out if you want to have a full sit down meal, a cocktail hour, or just cake and punch.
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