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A ring is a difficult decision! Opinions welcome and needed : )

So, I don't know about anyone else, but I've had a really hard time picking out my ring. Call me ridiculous if you will, but it's seriously hard to find one! What I thought I would like, I would hate when I put it on. Everytime I think I've found the one, I change my mind last second. So far, this one is the winner and the boyfriend is coming with me to check it out today (possibly put a down payment). I wanted some professional : ) recently engaged opinions to lessen my anxiety. I know everyone's style is different, but as far as this ring what do you think? So far I love it, but I might try the setting with a smaller middle stone, more like a 1 carat. Do you think it would look better with a smaller stone?  I should have just let him pick lol, I'm too indecisive.

Re: A ring is a difficult decision! Opinions welcome and needed : )

  • Why don't you find some that you like (not necessarily love) and then let your BF make the decision?  I think the ring you have above is pretty and the size of the stone is nice but it's all about what your BF can afford and what the both of you are comfortable with.  When you go to the jewelry store, ask to try on different sizes of stones (even if it's not the same style) so you can get an idea of what it would look like on your hand.
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  • This is my personal opinion, so please take it with a grain of salt...

    The ring is lovely, but the middle stone is far too large.  If it was a little smaller, it wouldn't overwhelm your finger as much.  It could be the angle the picture was taken, but the ring just looks huge.  A wedding band next to it would look lost. 

    But again - this is just me :)
  • Pick a ring that goes with your lifestyle. If you are big into outdoors, that ring IMO is going to be too big.

    Make sure you and your boyfriend have talked about money. Maybe your version of budget is more than what he thinks it should.

    A ring should also be comfortable. I know that when you try rings on you cannot test drive it for a few hours. But keep in mind the side stones (are they sticking out too much) and what you do on a daily basis.

    Overall, I think it is a pretty ring. I have small hands so it would overpower me. I do not think the stone is too big, then again, it could look bigger in person.

    In the end, it is up to you and your boyfriend.
  • It's in budget and it does look bigger in this picture than in person. It's not that I don't love it, I really do. It's just I never thought I would like something like this and I don't want it to be tacky big. Does that make sense? I really do appreciate the input from everyone!
  • Oh and Joy, the band is underneath it in the picture. It's one of those Flyer Fit ones that sits underneath the e-ring.
  • Dude, seriously.  Just pick one and get it over with.

    This is why I think that women should choose a couple that they like, and let the BF decide from there.  When presented with a lot of sparkles, we get distracted.
  • Honestly, it is pretty, but NMS. I don't really like halos or pave/channel-set bands.

    Where have you been looking for rings? If you've been shopping all large chain stores, they are going to have similar styles. I have a ring from an estate jeweler - it is vintage. Maybe you'd be able to find something a little more unique if you look at estate jewelers or local shops?
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  • NMS.  IMO, if you have to ask strangers, it isn't the one you should be getting.

  • What are the specs of the diamond? Great Cut? Hearts & arrows (if round - I can't tell) ?

    I highly recommend the pricesope forums for advice.

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  • Ya...it's mine now. I went back and put it back on and it was definitely the picture throwing me off. It does not look nearly that big in person. Thanks everyone for voting and helping me out! It really did help me realize what was bugging me. I did try it with smaller stones, but it didn't look right. Yay! One step closer to walking down that aisle!

  • NMS - Personally I don't think the center stone is "too big" but I don't think it fits with that band. I'm not really a fan of the halo in general but aside from that the coloring of the center stone and the prongs look off to me...But it really just matters what you think. If you like it then go for it and don't worry about if other people don't like it, you're the one that's going to be wearing it.
  • The setting is for sure off in the picture because it was made for a bigger stone. I have to order it to fit the stone I bought which is the one shown (then they put down the prongs). The whole thing is going to look a little smaller. I've decided to get a band similar to the one in the picture so I can remove the ering if necessary and just wear the band if i'm at the gym or outside a lot. I always thought I would have a "the one" feeling right away, but honestly it didn't come until that night I went back and after my boyfriend saw it too.
  • If you have to get validation from people you've never met it's not the right ring for you. Pick a few that you really like and let your BF decide. He's paying for it anyway right?
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  • looks like costume ring.  not good.
  • It's a huge stone! I don't know about you, but I'd be knocking that on everything. It's really up to you though.
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