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Is it totally wrong of me

to want to go try on a bazillion dresses?

We don't have the date set in stone, but everything is looking like it's on track for a late spring/early summer wedding in 2014. Obviously that a while away and buying my actual dress would probably end in disaster somehow.

As dumb as it is, when everyone keeps asking me if I've got a dress in mind yet and I tell them that I've barely even started looking, I just feel this itch to go dress shopping. The 5 year old girl in me who loved playing dress up wants to just take a couple friends and go try on a ton of dresses for no reason other than to daydream about when I actually get to go find my dress.

How do I shut my illogical inner child up for the next year?

Re: Is it totally wrong of me

  • If you want to try on some dresses to find a style you like then go for it! It will just make it that much easier when you are ready to purchase.
  • I would try and wait. My wedding is summer of 2014 and as much as I want to go out and do everything now I'm holding off. It would be ridiculously crappy to pick out/buy a bunch of things (or even one thing) and then not like it in a year or two.
    I've been quenching my planning/dress shopping thirst by looking at dresses online and figuring out what I like and don't like about each one I see.

    It's hard but you can do it, lol
  • a friend of mine is getting maried in a couple of months and she bought her dress 2 years ago right after she got engaged. 

    BUT like other ladies have said hold it off for a little longer. you might change your mind in a year or so. 

    I am on he same boat as your but I keep myself busy looking at styles and dresses online

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    I would wait.
    The problem is that styles that are here now, won't be here in Spring of 2014. I would wait until like May of next year.
    Ideally you will want to get your dress ordered 8-10 months before your wedding as they can take several months to come in depending on the store you get it from.
    Also, seriously.... Use this time to save every penny you can for a wedding dress and other pieces of the wedding. You will be so grateful you did. FI and I will be saving right up until the last possible moment because we didn't plan well.
    If you save even $50 for the next 24 months, that's $1200. That would pay for a Vera Wang gown at David's Bridal.... Just saying!
    It would also pay for a lot of other designers at other boutiques.

    Just some food for thought.

    ETA: I see that you are in Columbus. There are some great boutiques here like: Trumpington in Westerville, Wendy's on Sawmill. You could also start at the Bendora Wedding Gallery. They do a lot of consignment for wedding dresses. But, you can start there to get ideas. Bendora is in Worthington on High Street.

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  • Peachy makes a great point regarding those styles not being available next year. The dresses come in seasons & it may be very difficult, if not impossible, to get this same dress in 1yr from now. Plus, your taste may change & your body may change. So, lets say you try on a mermaid now and hate the way it makes your silhouette look, so you write it off. But what if by next year you lose/gain weight and your shape is different. Perhaps then that same mermaid would look perfect, but you've already scratched it out of your mind. Try to wait & keep an open mind.
  • Oh it's not wrong of you at all, I went out and tried them on like 2 weeks after I got engaged and we didn't have a date set but knew it was going to be almost 2 years. I actually found one I love and it's been sitting in my closet the last 6 months, i know it sounds crazy and what if I don't like it in a year, but honestly it's perfect. If you go and find the ONE, buy it. But you have to be sure. When i found mine i thought about it for weeks until i finally just ordered it...now I have to fight the urge not to go sneak and try it on every night!
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  • Definitely wait until around the year mark to search for your dress and have styles that you want to try on to have some kind of direction.
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  • I would wait. At least until the 1 year mark. You still have a long ways until the wedding. Just enjoy being engaged for now.
  • If you have the itch, quench it by setting up one appoitment to see what styles, designers you like. I wish I was more into the whole dress shopping thing. I was so excited and then afetr my 1st appointment I was so over it LOL. maybe if I had started earlier> 
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    I'd wait until you have some ideas about where you are going to get married and how formal it's going to be. A dress that's great for a formal ballroom wedding isn't going to be ideal for a casual beach one.  
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  • I had the same itch, but Fiance said we need a date and venue before i could go dress shopping! Honestly though I would try and wait becuase as the other ladies said, tastes change in two years and so do styles. You don't want to go shopping and fall in love with a dress and buy it too early or it then not be available when you are ready to buy. Start searching and looking at pics online, that may help quench it. BUT be careful not to get dead set on a style so if when you try it on, your not disappointed if it doesnt fit like you expected.
  • I stopped into the dress shop in my home town before I was actually engaged.  We had tlaked about it and everything, just had not made it official.  In fact, I got my dress a year before my wedding (this Aug!) and didnt officially get engaged until November 2011!  My dress was THE ONE.  I tried on about 25 dresses that day and mine was about the third or fourth one I tried.  My girls and mother and his mom all wanted me to keep looking.  But once you try that dress on, it is it.  I love my dress still to this day.  I could not be happier with it.  Its amazing how when you find the dress how all the other things start to come together too.  Bought my dress from a boutique in my home town, flower girl basket and ring pillow from David's Bridal, guest book from Hallmark, shawl from Coldwater Creek.  My veil is a loner from a very dear friend, that was the inspirtation behind the whole ensemble.  
    You will know when you find THE DRESS! good luck!
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  • In Response to Re: Is it totally wrong of me:
    [QUOTE. BUT be careful not to get dead set on a style so if when you try it on, your not disappointed if it doesnt fit like you expected.
    Posted by Tabbie11[/QUOTE]
    I was convinced I wanted a WHITE HALTER style dress.  Fell in love with everything I saw online in books and even the one in the store.  Needless to say my dress is IVORY and a SWEETHEART neckline.  The white halter looked HORRIBLE on me.  So glad I was open to other styles when I went shopping!  Very good advice to follow though!

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