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ok so my wedding is June 3rd 2011. I am in college and trying to save money. Im terrified to mess the wedding up and im no where near my mom to have her help me. anyone good with this??=] lol i know my fiance and i would like blue and green and white but not sure how to work it together, im just really nervouse. anyone have advice?

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  • Wow, you have a lot of time to figure this out. Why don't you just take a step back and start to think about things one at a time?

    The nice thing is that your colours work with your wedding date - they're great summer colours. Once you decide on a style you and your FI are happy with, think about what you want to bring into that style to reflect you both. Then think about how your colours will work with that. If you do it in steps, then it's a lot less hairy! Don't forget to take advantage of what's in season as well - that can go a long way in helping to choose a style.
  • Gorgeous colors, you have more than enough time to figure everything out. Take a breather, and just start pulling ideas. Here's some pics to get you started:

  • You have plenty of time.  Just keep posting on the knot and relax.
  • I'm in college also, and it is kind of stressful being both a full time student and planning a wedding...but it's do-able! Especially since you have more than a year! Just start looking at websites like this one and others and look at pictures to get you some ideas. No worrying though! I've found doing a lot of wedding planning during breaks has helped a lot. I'm hopefully going to do quite a bit during Christmas break!
  • I'm a college bride to be as well! :) Our plates are full, but relax! You will make it through! I find the checklist on this website to be very effective in getting the ideas flowing and the timeline for things reasonable. Don't rush into things! Just take it one thing at a time! 
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