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    White gold, diamonds on the front and back, diamonds down each side, and princess cut in the center.  My man did good.  It's so beautiful.  I can't believe I have such a ring!
  • Engaged March 2011 and Married 7/28/12!

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    Custom designed. We got engaged 12/12/11. Can not wait to be his wife. I still oogle over my ring! :)

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  • RIght after he proposed at Liberty Island, NYC <3

    Our engagement dinner at Porter House, NYC that night!
  • Married 12/22/10
    The Happy Couple <3 <br/>

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    I love looking at all the lovely rings!  But my ring is being repaired. I had it for one short week before I chipped one of the sapphire sidestones. They were my grandmother's. :( 
    The center stone is a 1ct radiant yellow diamond.
    Will post a pic when I get it back! 
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  • We started planning our weddng in December of 2010, we got engaged on August 12, 2011, and we will be married on March 30, 2013.

    The diamonds in my ring were a gift from my fiance's aunt and I have always dreamed of having a ring that looks like a flower made of rubies and emeralds. This is definetly my dream ring from my dream guy. He proposed with a cake that looked like my ring from our favorite cakery.

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  • It's a .75 ct diamond with sapphires on the sides. I just got it about a week ago and I love it!!
  • Got engaged December of 2011
    It's an alexandrite and my man picked it out himself :)

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    </div><div>This  ring is GORGEOUS!!! </div><div>so unique </div><div>
    [QUOTE]I read through literally all 50-some pages of the previous post and I'm soooo excited to be able to post my own! I love it - I picked it out with my fiancé online but he didn't let me see the real thing til the proposal - even though I was staying at his place the week before and KNEW it was somewhere in the house! But I love it even more on my hand than I did on the site and it's more comfortable than any other jewelry I've ever had. He just proposed on Saturday (technically it's Monday right now, but only by a few minutes, so I'm still in day-after shock) and I cannot peel my eyes off this thing!    A trio of princess-cut diamonds with teensy diamonds along the rest of the band....It's soooooo pretty and sparkles like crazy, especially in lower light which I don't even understand, but that fact alone made it hard to fall asleep last night!! it feels so natural to have it on! Love it! 
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  • Just got engaged 4 days ago. He did a great job!
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    [QUOTE]Engagement ring: my grandmother's from the 1940s Wedding band - I wanted simple with a design.
    Posted by Joy2611[/QUOTE]

    <div>Is that band from ArtCarved? It looks beautiful!</div>
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  • I got My starter engagment ring, He says when he gets in the Military he will buy me a bigger and better one :) Its a god thing cause i give this to one of my future Daughters as a keep sake!! 
  • I'll post mine tomorrow... not on the right side of the computer LOL

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  • Engaged 5/5/12 :)

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  • Just got engaged last week!  Sunset on the beach with beautiful waves in the background!  He's been planning it for over a year!  The ring is his grandmother's diamond (never got to meet her, she died about a year before I met him).  I am truly honored that his family wanted me to have such a memorable piece of their history.  He picked out the setting and it is so perfect and so me :-)  So excited to start the planning process and even more excited to be his wife <3

    Our little guy is quite excited too!  Now if I could only figure out how to make him the ring barer!!

  • Here's a photo from before I chipped one of the sapphires. Should have the ring back with replaced side stones in two weeks!

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  • We got engaged on August 29, 2012

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  • Here's mine!  I got engaged one week ago today!  He popped the question while on vacation in Colorado.  We were on a gorgeous hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park!!

    He picked it out all by himself! I had no idea :)  We've been together almost 6 years.

  • For some reason the Knot wouldn't let me insert an image sooo, here are links to my ring taken the day of our engagement: August 12th, 2012!


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  • He proposed in Love Park in Philly last week. It was beautiful and I'm still in shock!!
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  • We got married June 9th, 2012, my husband had my engagement ring custom made and we got very lucky to find two wedding bands that fit around my setting at Littman's. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding set.


  • Exactly what I wanted!
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  • Just got engaged Sunday!
  • Beautiful rings!

    All, I have a question about rings and need LOTS of opinions... My boyfriend and I are discussing engagement rings, and he was under the impression that the engagement ring is just taken off during the ceremony and reused as the wedding band... I assured him while anyone can do what makes them happy, that is NOT the way 90% of couples do it,,, there is an engagement ring AND wedding band, or just the wedding band... Now my boyfriend is a worldly, intelligent, far from naive guy, but he seems to feel everyone he knows does it this way...(They dont, I think he sees womens rings fused together, and assumes they are one?)

    Time to straighten him out ladies! In this country anyway, wouldnt most of us brides not be ok with reusing the engagement ring as a  wedding band? Or am I wrong? (Lol... I KNOW that Im not!) Would love to hear your opinions!

  • My cushion cut ring is just over 1 carat. 


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