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Hey ladies...My bridal party was talking about going to Put-in-Bay for our bachelorette party.  Has anyone ever been there?  We are all in our mid to late 20s.  I want to have a blast and would like to see a male review...any thoughts on going to Put-in-Bay? 

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    No advice about it but we are thinking the same thing! I don't want to go too far out of town that it could be inconvienent for people but I still want to have a blast!
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    We went to Put-in-Bay for my future sister-in-laws bachelorette party.  I am not sure about any male reviews because we did not do that.  But we had a blast just going from bar to bar.  It was a fantastic time!
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    There are no strip clubs of either sort on Put-in-Bay.  Pretty much the entire island is just a giant bar.  Just plan ahead, as the bars all close down Oct 31.My FH is from that area, btw.
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    You will have a blast! I suggested it for a friend's bachelorette party a few years ago. I went there with some guy friends. We went bar hopping and stayed in a hotel. Since then, they go for a weekend every year.
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    hey! i went to a bachelorette party there last summer and it was so much fun! however, i am pretty sure you must book months in advance (we went in august and i think it was booked as early as january-feb) it was also the first time I was there, so I am not sure about the price of other hotels and what not. we stayed 2 nights and it was about 125 per person for both nights, but then you have to have money to drink, ferries, etc.. i thought it was definately worth it and tons of fun! just make sure everyone is willing to spend the money! =)
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    PIB is sooo much fun! def have to plan a long time in advance, and i dont know of any male reviews on the island, but its a great time!!
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    I planned one there a couple of years ago.  We stayed at the Bayshore resort I think.  It is a newer hotel on the lake and it was really nice (but kind of pricey).  Nice thing was we could walk to all the bars.  We went in June and sat by the pool all Saturday.  They had a bar out there and it was a lot of fun!  I think I planned it about 2-3 months in advance if that helps your time line.  I agree with previous posts about $$.  If you can figure out the cost and just be upfront about it people can decide whether or not they want to spend the $$.
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    My bach party was there over labor day weekend this year--we probably booked the hotel about 6 weeks out.  we stayed at the Edgewater which is right on the strip.  If you google PIB stuff, you can get added to a mailing list that blasts hotel specials and stuff.  There is a bachelorette weekend there earlier in the summer which I think would be fun-it was just too early for my Sept. wedding. 
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    There aren't any male revues at PIB, as far as I know. And, the only male revue in Cleveland is the one at the Powerhouse, on the west bank of the flats. It may only happen once a month though, not sure if it's every weekend.As for PIB, it's definitely a drinking town in summertime. There are something like 3 or 4 bars (maybe more?) within walking distance on the main drag.
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