Less than 100 days!!

I was doing ok about keeping calm but that was when there were still more than 100 days to plan. Now it's in the 90s. That's less than a semester, and I think those go by too fast. I am excited to get married, just a lot left to do that we can't do for a little longer because things are on backorder or whatever. Did anybody else start to panic after the 100 day out mark?
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Re: Less than 100 days!!

  • i don't know that feeling yet but i bet i will be freaking out when I am planning a wedding from over seas while in medschool with less than a 100 days. 

    you will be fine! its just the nerves/excitement 

  • Well... I have 103 days to go... everything is up in the air yet because here in Mexico we have a thing called "Pedida" which is a semi-formal dinner in which the close families get together to make the engagement "official". The thing is that my fiancé and I have lots of help! And we want a really simple wedding so we feel OK. Take a deep breath and don't try to do everything yourself! Ask and you shall recieve help :D
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  • I'm at 107 and I'm freaking out! lol. I'm still so excited to get married and 100 percent sure that he is and always will be the right man for me, but this planning process is stressful and I feel like I don't have any help.
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