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I feel awkward making the first post but oh well. I need the venting for taking classes while finishing up the wedding planning and actually getting married. Hi I'm Rachel and I like to overload my plate and make myself crazy! My wedding is 11/13 and I am dancing 11 hours a week and taking a Concepts of Physical Activity 8 week class so that I would be done with it before the wedding.

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  • Hi! I'm Kaitlyn. I'm in my senior year and doing my student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom while planning my May 2010 wedding! I understand the stress of planning as well as the stress of saving money!
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  • yeah the saving money thing is kicking my @ss! How do you like (student) teaching kindergarten? I was thinking of maybe going into teaching at some point but the market is so saturated here that I'm scared to! I wish I was in my senior year. Well I may be, I really have no clue LOL I have been in college too long to not have a degree but hope to have one by end of fall next year. I never went full time...always worked full time and went to school part time but's been 7 years lmao! I think I only neeeeed 4 or 5 more classes to get my general associates. Then I'm going to get my associates in dance and then come back and get an accounting degree or a business degree....haven't decided on that one yet.
  • Hello ladies! My wedding is another 2 yrs away but working ft and trying to attend school is a pain in the butt! I should have went to college right after hs. Happy Planning!

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  • going to college right after hs doesn't always mean you get it done faster...I am a good example LOL
  • Hello ladies! I'm Shannon. I'm just about to turn 23 and I am finally back in school for accounting. I'm getting married May 22, 2010.FI and I are single income since I am in school full time. I may get a part time job after my first quarter to not overload myself. We shall see!
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  • Hi ladies! I feel you guys on the planning and going to school. I started nursing school about 5 months before I got married (May 24, 2009!) and it was really stressful. I was planning in Florida from California. I was only aloud to miss one day total from Spring semester so I had to save it up for the wedding week since I had to fly. And I had finals the week [i]after[/i] my wedding. I thought I was going to go insane. All I can say is just stick it out and try not to stress about the details. I left most of the stuff up to my vendors and hoped everything turned out right. Good luck with school and your upcoming weddings!
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  • Hi fellow students!  Maybe this board will get a little more active after a while..I'm Laura and I'm a second-year grad student (PhD in biochemistry) and my FI is a fourth-year grad student (PhD in biology).  We live in Baltimore and basically have no time for each other, let alone planning a wedding.  I think you guys all feel me on the too busy, too poor to get married theme.  But here we are!  We're getting married 09/10/10 and I'm just not finding the time to contact vendors or meet with them.  I'm all for pp's suggestion of trusting the vendors to get it right, once I FINALLY get some.  I'm not much of a bridezilla, and not too opinionated about the little details, so hopefully that will work in my favor for planning.Good luck everyone!
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  • Hi! My name is Nicole. I am getting married in less than a month (October 10th), and will be graduating this semester with my BS in Drafting Technology. So far this has been an interesting situation. The date we had originally planned was going to be next October, but since FI has great health insurance, I am able to focus on school instead of getting a job right now. Full time school and planning a wedding on a budget has been a challenge, but also the most exciting time of my life.
  • Hi ladies!! yay!!! people stressed like me :) (hi Laura!!!) haha Im Leah and my FI is Christian :) I am getting my PhD in biomedical sciences and my FI is a resident :) We are getting married 9.18.10 and planning has been going well so far!!! :) Hope to get this board going!
  • Hi all!  I am 25 and in my second year of my masters for special education.  I am currently in my practicum and start student teaching in the spring. I am getting married in June of 2010 in South Carolina, I am in Utah and my family is in good old OHIO. ha ha... I understand planning woes!  Can't wait to hear about everyone's crazy lives!
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  • Hello Everyone!I think all of our situations may be the most stressful of all brides-to-be. Cramming for an exam while picking a reception site or writing a 10 page paper and making floral arrangements? We're the busy ones! My fiance and I are getting married in June of '11, so I've got some time, but I'll be student teaching the spring leading up to the wedding so I know I'll be big time stressed. Right now is bad enough because I go to school full time and work a full time job running a local movie theater in order to pay for college.Anyone have any good time management techniques? Are you getting help from friends or parents to take some of the load off your shoulders?
  • ,Hi ladies! I'm Shandra. I'll be graduating in December of this year and getting married June 5th of next year. I've finished up my degree in Biology and am working on my degree in African American Studies. As I'm completing my studies and planning a wedding, I'm also in the process of applying to dental schools. I look forward to getting to know you all during our planning process!,
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  • hi! i'm in my first 3 months of college and my fiancee... well is younger than me! he has one more semester of high school. my are trying to wait til 2011 to get married... but u knw how the excitment goes. lol :) but we both are trying to get done with school before april 2010!!!i wish you and your fiancee the best of luck! and once the wedding is over, i'm sure things will calm down for you guys!!
  • Hi Everybody!  My name is Elizabeth and I am 25.  I have taken my time finishing my degree, haha.  I am majoring in psychology and sociology.  I will be done in May.  I am marrying my FI on June 12, 2010.
  • Hello everyone! My name is Heather and I am getting married 10/17/09. I am currently in nursing school, working full time, trying to plan my wedding, and my FSIL's baby shower. I have a lot going on but somehow find time to hang out on theknot. You can usually find me on the Baltimore board.
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  • Hi I'm Danielle and I'm 23!  I'm a first year teacher (Kindergarten) and also just started going to school full-time to work on my Master's degree!   I'm so glad there's a board with girls that will be as overwhelmed as me! My FI, Dave, and I are planning our wedding for June 26, 2010!  Happy Planning! :)
  • Hi, I am Bobbie and I am getting married in June. I graduate in December. I am student teaching in first grade. I love it but I am going crazy not making any money. I am glad to be planning with all of you other students.
  • Hello! I'm also student teaching right now and plan on getting married June 5, 2010. That'll be just a few weeks after FI and I graduate. While I'm loving student teaching, we're both so ready to graduate, get married, and move on with our lives. I did a lot of planning over the summer, so I'm not too stressed about all the decision making during school. I'm really just stressed about planning on a college student budget! I'm sure you girls can relate to that! Nice to meet all of you! Hopefully this board will become pretty active, I know we could all use the support.
  • Lol, I love that half of the posts in this thread seem to be girls from my club board!  I forget how many of us are in school.Hi June ladies!And hi to the rest of you ladies!I am finally back in school after slacking for a few years.  I'm in St. Paul working on finishing up my degree in Psychology.  I, like elpa, and getting married June 12, 2010.  When I go to class, I am so happy to see that I am not THE oldest in all of my classes.  :o)  FI and I tried to get as much planned this summer so that I could concentrate on school.  Good luck to all of you ladies!
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  • Hi everyone! I'm glad they made this board for all of us students. I'm Lacey. I'm 21 and in my Senior year of college working towards my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education (I noticed quite a few future teachers here - pretty cool!). I'm working part-time during the day and going to school full-time at night. So, there is almost no free time whatsoever. Also, my fiance lives in NC (I'm in FL) so I think that parts of this planning process could be tricky. He had to move up there for school at NTI and ended up getting a job on a raceteam, so he stayed up there. I'll be graduating next December, a mere 6 days before our 12/18/2010 wedding. It will definitely be a stressful time what with graduation, our wedding, honeymoon, and Christmas. We'll see how it goes. I just keep telling myself "it'll all work out." Oh, I'm going with FMIL and my Mom today to book the photographer. Yay!
  • Wow!  I'm really excited to see a students board, that's awesome!  My name is Sam and I'm 20 and I'm a junior majoring in psychology and will be graduating in May 2011, but getting married July 17, 2010!  After I graduate with my BA, I'll be going on to get a MS in Occupational Therapy which is a three year program.  I've got a lot of random prereqs on my plate right now so that I can get into a health sciences program later  plus finishing up my major courses so school is a little crazy right now but I always make time for the knot!
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  • I'm Dana and I'm getting my PhD in microbiology. And I hate it. Boo.
  • Dana I had to laugh at your post. I hate my life right now, I understand.
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  • Hello nice to see a board for students on here, hope it doesn't devolve into high schoolers trying to manage planning a wedding in between cheerleading practice and studying for their SATs (see dissertation board)...Introducing myself...I'm 26, wrapped up my masters in 2008, currently working on my Ph.D. in marine biology. BF is 33, currently working on his masters in marine bio, plotting his Ph.D. options as we speak. BF and I have been together for a year and a half, planning on being engaged by Christmas, hoping for a Spring 2011 wedding. Currently trying not to think about how I might possibly fit wedding planning into my already overloaded schedule, lol.

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  • Finally! People I can relate to.

    Hello Ladies, I'm Meghan. I'm marrying my best friend on August 19, 2010. It's so nice to see other people that are working full-time while putting themselves through college and planning a wedding.
  • Hey ladies!
     SO glad to have found a board for students! I'm the first in my circle of friends to get married, and my friends just don't get the crap we go through trying to balance papers, exams, work and wedding planning. Sometimes I feel like we have three ft jobs!
    To introduce myself, I'm Jackie. I'm 22, in my senior year of University, and next year I'll be going to teacher's college. My FI works ft and is also in school, he's taking courses part time and should be done in the next couples of years.
    Can't wait to get to know everyone. Good luck to all writing their end of term exams!
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