Hey!! What's your dissertation on??


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  • Hi Elpa-Tell us a little bit about yourself!We're all so glad there is a students board we can share our wedding excitement on!
  • I would hope not but there are some pretty big sluts out there!
  • Well, I'm pretty sure I know who the baby daddy is for my little Tinkerbell.  So, no Maury for me.
  • Elpa...Not Maury, how about Springer??
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  • Springer would be awesome!  He comes on at 8:00 AM now, talk about a wake-up call.
  • MartiniChick, Maybe you could just pretend your 100% sure you know who Tinkerbell's dad is, but there was that one time....  Becuase everybody knows going on Maury means free cosmetic surgery.  So if you need any help losing the rest of baby weight or would like to get Lasik or rhinoplasty, give him a call. And my friend's cousin's bf's bff works for the Springer show and that's what you want to be on if you just want a free vacation.  They pay for EVERYTHING! YOu totally get to stay at the Marriott and they give you money to eat every day you are there!!!
  • Hello ladies! so nice to finally be able to communicate with people balancing a wedding and grad school. I'm finishing up my Master's in Horticulture science. I'm working sustainable substrates (that's what you grow plants in) for greenhouse production. I will starting my PhD next summer... so I'll be in school the first three years of our marriage. OMGGP, your research sounds awesomely cool...
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  • all this fairytale talk is making me want to puke. Good Luck to all the brides in COLLEGE!
  • I'm getting my M.Ed. in Adult Education and I'm doing my thesis (which will lead to my dissertation) on motivation in online classes (with more general research on the effectiveness of online education). I'm so glad I'm not the only student on here! He's graduating in Dec, I'm graduating in May, we close on our house in Nov, and get married two weeks after I graduate. I am beyond overwhelmed. It seems like I have no time at all! I'm concentrating on school and work until Nov. and then will try to balance in the house somehow, and am putting off wedding planning (besides venue and dress- both taken care of) until after the new year! Any suggestions?
  • First, how did this digress from a conversation about masters theses and dissertations to fairytale Disney Princess weddings and unwed teenage mothers? Anyways, back to topic...I'm 26, a Ph.D. student...BF is wrapping up his masters this year and will be moving on to Ph.D. next fall. He's strongly hinting at engagement by Christmas. :)I finished my masters in marine biology last year (life history and population dynamics of North American sawfish species). I'm currently working on my Ph.D. in marine biology...I will be doing corrosion casting on the vascular of reef fish eyes (process basically gives you a 4-D structure that you can study to gain anatomical knowledge about the blood vessels), and will be looking at oxygen transport and exchange in the eye. All this will allow me to compare the eyes of diurnal (daytime predators) vs. nocturnal (nighttime predators) eyes for any anatomical/physiological differences.

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  • I have no idea how the conversation shifted to teenage pregnancy. Lol. Wow, all of your marine biology research sounds very interesting. I wanted to go to school for marine biology but changed my mind at some point. I guess I figured teaching would be more suited to me. Anyways, I was always really interested in marine mammals growing up, particularly Killer Whales. That was my childhood dream job was to work with the Killer Whales at SeaWorld. I'd still love to do it, but I don't think there is much of a job market for that particular career. Haha.
  • I know this thread went dead a while ago, but I nearly peed myself reading the "high school" posts. Thanks girls, I needed the laugh.As for me, I'm an undergrad, but doing research on bacterial quorum sensing (basically intercellular communication), and have to do a mini-thesis in order to get credit.OMG Guinea Pigs! -- I love dinosaurs!!! So jealous.
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