Favorite Class?

What was or has been your favorite class to take so far?

Re: Favorite Class?

  • I loved my clinical and social psychology classes.  Right now I am taking a Sports in Society class and it is a great class, I love it.
  • This semester my favorite class is Security Analysis and Investment Management ... which I am avoiding as I speak.  Essentially, It's just being a stock analyst for a semester except the cool thing is, it's for stock actually owned by the school. Next semester I'm gonna take Portfolio Management and I'll manage a few of the stocks the school owns.
  • I say Systems Pathophys 1 and 2 :)
  • classroom management I learned so much from that class! Oh and I am loving student teaching!
  • Prison Environment definitely!
  • My favorite is def "Early intervention of young children with special needs" yay ed classes!
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  • Environmental Geology... I'm such a dork..
  • I've taken so many! I guess i'd say my Intro to Teaching class since the ones I'm in now I'm not done with yet! I'm also looking forward to student teaching next fall! It would have ben next semester but the math classes weren't offered in time UGH! 10/10/10 Bride!!
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  • Adolescent literature.  What could be more fun for a future Middle School Language Arts teacher than reading YA lit and goofing off like an 8th grader!?  Nothing!
  • I haven't liked a class I've taken since maybe...2004? I guess my favorite class in undergrad was Myth and Cinema - we watched movies and then talked about the archetypal myths underlying them. And in the end we wrote a screenplay, which was very cool.
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  • I've actually had quite a few classes that I've really liked but if I had to choose one I guess it would Adolescent Psych. Not so much because of the content but because the teacher made it interesting and we had discussions everyday  :)
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  • Favorite course was probably a field course I took in Belize in 2008. Ichthyology was awesome, as was Marine Invertebrate Zoology. In terms of non-major-related coursework, Comparative Religion was an amazing class.

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  • I loved "Molecular Biology and Genetics of a Cancer Cell"- I had no idea how interesting cancer was before this class, and now it's what I'm researching!  I think cancer cells are awesome, and I wish they were as easy to kill in vivo as they are in vitro.Biochemistry is also really fun, even though I hated general chemistry and wasn't much of an organic chemistry fan.  Our class is focused on drug development, which is probably why I like it so much! 
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