Best part about student life?Worst part about student life?Once I graduate I will be...My last day of being a student I plan to...

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  • Best Part:This is going to sound so nerdy, but I love my classes. I love learning new things, and with my major, I'm pretty much always learning something.Worst Part:I don't drink and don't really enjoy being around drunk people, so weekends are VERY lonely.Once I graduate I will be...A medical lab scientist...hopefullyMy last day of being a student I plan to...Rock my last final and go out with style. :-)
  • Best part about student life? All of it? I LOVE being a student and all things that come with it! I'd say my favorite part is the sense of community on the campus! Worst part about student life? Trying to get my course schedule to work for me!! Once I graduate I will be... Going right back into school for my masters! And 5 months away from getting married! My last day of being a student I plan to...I'll probably be pretty sad actually! I want to get as far in my education as I can! Probably the very last day though, I will go out and celebrate as much as I can possibly get away with ;)
  • Best part about student life?I love being around such a great group of people.  I went to this university for undergrad, but its so huge that a real sense of community is hard to find.  But the law school is really small and tight knit--only 150 students in my year.  Everyone is so talented and interesting, and I love being surrounded by people who are so similar yet so different from me.  It makes life interesting, and it makes it easy to stay passionate about school.Worst part about student life?The work load is killer.  I have NEVER had to study this hard before.  Its hard to keep life balanced.Once I graduate I will be...still studying. :(  I have to pass the bar exam to be able to be an attorney, and the exam is two months after I graduate.  My last day of being a student I plan to...celebrate with my husband who i've been married to 6 months!  :)  I also won't know what to do with myself--7 years of college, and now its over???! And then knowing me, I'll panic about finding a job asap. lol
  • Best part about student life?Less work than working full time.Worst part about student life?Everything else.  I'm not fond of my school at all, and currently I have a few professors who have no business teaching at all.  I also don't think I'm really cut out for college life, but it's something I promised my family I would do.Once I graduate I will be...looking for a job.My last day of being a student I plan to...cuss out one of my professors.  Not really, I wouldn't do that.  But I do plan on skipping graduation.
  • Best part... I think just knowing that I'm accomplishing something I never thought I could.  Worst part... For me the added work. I already work a full time and part time job, plus wedding planning.  I actually dread school unlike you ladies. Once I graduate... I will be starting my Bachelor's program, so I'll be right back in... Last day of being a student... At that point I might cry b/c I'll be so happy to be done!
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  • Best part about student life? Getting the opportunity to get real research experience, learning cool new stuff every day.  I love my major- molecular biology- and this semester I LOVE all the biochemistry because we're studying drug development and I think it's really neat.  Worst part about student life? School!  I HATE my university- there are too may people, people on campus are generally jerks (especially the administrators) and we lost library funding because the football team needed a multi-million dollar THIRD practice field.  We still suck at football, and now the library is closed by the time I'm done with work and could actually use it!Once I graduate I will be... SO HAPPY!  I'll be looking for a job in another research lab and/or trying to get funding to keep doing the research I'm doing now in molecular genetics/ oncology, and applying to grad schools for either a PhD or a DVM.My last day of being a student I plan to... Celebrate BIG TIME!  I've been in school for so long, and I had to take medical leave 3 times and was told twice that I'd never be able to finish a bachelor's degree and I should give up on my dreams of grad school and medical research is too stressful for me to succeed at... AND I'll definitely go into disabilities services and cuss out the department head for telling me all of those things when I applied to their school!
  • nefariousmango, I'm totally loving all the biochem in my major too (I'm a microbiology major) ... you should still totally go for what you want in life. The department can stick it to themselves.And I feel you on the funding thing...while our sports are completely funded by private donations, two recreational courts and a student parking lot were taken away so our basketball teams could have another practice stadium. A whole freaking stadium. Just to practice. It gets used for like, 3 hours a day by about 20 people.Money should have been donated to our library. It's a sad sad state and cancelling many of our academic journal subscriptions.
  • Best Part about student life? Learning new things. Worst part about student life? The heavy workload. It IS hard to keep things balanced. Also, trying to pay for college sucks. Once I graduate I will...(hopefully) be a veterinarian My last day of being a student I plan to...go home, flop down on my bed, and have an all-day cuddle session with my husband to celebrate :)
  • Best PartI think the best part about being is student is not having to be working full time right now. Also, because of how the economy is right now, I would not want to be looking for a job. I would also have to say not having too many responsibilities other than going to school, doing homework, and planning my wedding! Worst PartI think the worst part is all of the exams. I swear every time its time for exams, I have like 3 in the same day. Having tons of homework and everything makes wedding planning a little bit difficult too.. It really stinks because next semester when I have to finalize everything I am taking 22 credit hours, so things are going to be a little crazy..Once I graduate I will be...trying to find a job.. I am still working on what that will be, but for right now I am not sure.. I am graduating with a BA in Fashion Merchandising with minors in HR and Communications. I eventually want to have my own event planning company one day though! My Last day of Being a Student I Plan to...Throw a huge party with my finance!!!! I dunno yet what else, but I am going to come up with something crazy because I've been in school FOREVER!!!What about you BubbleJ?
  • Zaneopal- There's no way I'm giving up on anything in life just because I got sick!  I'm even more motivated to succeed, so that people see that severe illness does not have to destroy your life forever and no one needs to feel sorry for me because my life is awesome!I wonder what the differences are between "microbiology" and "molecular biology."  Do you study mainly microorganisms, or is it also all about molecular interactions within cells with almost no regard to actual systems?  We do have to do a capstone in either immunology or developmental biology, but for all I know about organelles I couldn't tell you much about organs!
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