Hi guys! I'm brand new here, just got engaged on January 7th.
I'm 20 years old and a junior in college, and my fiance (still feel weird typing that) is 22, and a senior. We started dating my sophomore year of high school so I am really thrilled that we're getting married now!

I feel like I'm gonna get sick of the "wow you guys are young" comments though. :/

Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself. Hi!

Re: Hello!

  • Hi and welcome! The young comments don't ever go away, you just get used to them and let them roll right off you!
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  • lol! You can't win can you?
    well I guess in a way we all win cause we all get to marry people we love, yeah?

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys :) I'm lucky my parents are supportive. His are too for the most part, but a his mom is the source of most of the young comments...His parents didnt get married till their mid thirties. But she still gave me a big hug and a "welcome to the family" when we announced our engagement.

    So I'm happy :)
  • Aww I'm loving all the HS sweethearts on here! My fiance and I just got engaged 12/23/11 and are middle school sweethearts. I totally identify with the snarky comments about being young, etc. We are both 23, I'm currently a first year law student and he is a Marine Officer. After 10 yrs of dating I'm def. very excited!!! Congrats to all you ladies!!!! :)
  • We were both 19 and Sophomores in college when we got married 3 months ago....after dating for a year and a half, so I know about the comments. But congrats!
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