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When to start

When should I start my planning process? I've already done the whole idea scrapbook thing and I basically know every detail of how I want my wedding to be. My question is..when should I start touring venues? I know that when to book the venue really depends on where you want it to be..but, on average, how far in advance do people book their venue? What usually comes after that?
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Re: When to start

  • Wow girly I don't think you have to worry at all until about atleast a year and a half out!  Good luck on the long wait don't go to crazy! :-P
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    [QUOTE]Wow girly I don't think you have to worry at all until about atleast a year and a half out!  Good luck on the long wait don't go to crazy! :-P
    Posted by hvcfringe[/QUOTE]

    I might just go crazy! lol
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  • I would probably start in the fall of this year!

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  • I would say start looking in August or September of this year.  Before then, I would create a budget and get a rough idea of how many people you want to have so you know what venues can and can't hold your guest list.  After you have the venue and date, I would start booking your other key vendors: photographer, DJ, etc.  As far as when to do what, Tk has a good timeline that I try to stay with or ahead.
  • I got engaged in August and booked my venue in October...I'm getting married in May of 2013. I booked my caterer, cake and DJ last week (photography is going to be done by FI aunt thank god). Honestly it really depends on your area and what venue you are looking at. I booked everything because my venue was already filling up for 2013 and I got one of the last dates in may plus my DJ had about 4 people ask for my date after I had emailed him and gave him the deposit. I would ask your local board but a year or a year and a half out I'd start booking stuff. Hope that helps
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  • I will say, venues in December book up FAST due to company Christmas parties, family Christmas reunions, etc. I would start browsing around venues NOW and find out the earliest possible date to book at each one so you have an idea. I hear of so many girls that have their heart set on December due to school (whether they are teachers or students) and have to push their weddings 6 months because there are no viable options.

    So, while a lot of places may not even take reservations this early, it would be very smart to learn when they will open up.
  • Since your wedding is in the Winter, I would say start plannign this fall. However, there is no harm in booking it now to make sure you get the one that you want. I know where I live, venues and photographers book over a year and a half in advance for summer months, not sure about winter months though. If you have time and are wanting to look now, I say go for it!
  • I got engaged in November and we are getting married November 2013. I went ahead and booked the venue in January because this is a college town and a lot of people here book it a year in advance plus I know someone who had to change her dates several times. Hope this helps. Just check the company's refund policy for anything that might come up.
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