Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to everyone on their Finals!

My reward and motivtion for studying is that I get to wedding plan all Christmas Break!  :)

Re: Finals

  • My reward is that I get to get MARRIED, go on a lovely 11 day honeymoon, and then come back and set up our house all on Christmas break.  Best Christmas break EVAH!


    I can't wait!
  • So jealous of you two.  My reward is working and looking for a new job or a second job over break for next semester.  Our wedding isn't until May and most of the big planning stuff is done.  
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  • I get to visit FI for a week in Florida then come home and take our e-pics! I cannot wait for this semester to be over
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  • I get to sit in a hospital for an unknown number of days with electrodes glued to my head and hope I have many seizures. 

    .... yah... doesn't sound so great when I type it out. Oh well. 
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  • My motivation is to finally have time to unpack a lot of our house and set things up! Good luck to everyone :)
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  • I'm with you! My last final is Dec 18th and on Dec 19th I'll get to go back to planning!



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  • Yay, I finally only have one final left. I will be spending Christmas break working :(
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  • I'll be working over Christmas break too, vgarlin.  It kind of sucks to not get to really relax, but it's worth it to have the money to save up.  I'm just really thankful for 3 weeks of just work, not work and school.  
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  • Thanks! Good luck to you as well. Happy planning!
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  • I just finished mine! Good luck everyone!!
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