I got in!

I just got my acceptance letter on Tuesday for the university I was trying to get into it! I'm sooo excited!

I've been at a community college for nearly two years, finishing up my prereqs and can't WAIT to really experience university life! Not to mention actually get work done toward my degree! Sorry, but anatomy and physiology doesn't really have much to do with social work!

I still have to see if I can get into the actual BSW program. There's a bunch of crazy stuff going on since I'm a transfer student, especially since a counselor I met with at my college a while back told me a bunch of things that weren't true. Essentially, she told me I hardly had any prereqs left to take and actually made me take a class I didn't need! Now I'm struggling to get 26 credits out of the way this semester and over the summer.

Anyway, I met with the head of the program back in October and she knew some loopholes about how to get me in. She seemed pretty confident that it would all work out and claims she's actually done this a million times with transfer students. I have to call her tomorrow to let her know I got my acceptance letter and figure out what the next step is.

This is just SUCH a big thing for me. Neither of my parents have a college degree nor does my father's parents nor my older brother. So getting into a university is KINDA a big deal around here. ;)

I just wanted to share my good news!
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Re: I got in!

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