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Spring Break

What's everyone doing for Spring Break? Anything fun?

Re: Spring Break

  • I'm going for my first dress shopping appointment! Other than that no plans. 
  • Spring break is a month away for me :(
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  • Hopefully I can find a venue.  Also hopefully I'll be able to work a lot and save up money.  Other than that I'm not going anywhere except maybe home for a day or two.  
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  • In Response to Re: Spring Break:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Spring Break : I'm sorry about your grandma. =( I pray everything works out alright.
    Posted by BunnyChii[/QUOTE]
    Thanks Bunny. 
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  • I'm student teaching, so my spring break is my middle school's spring break (the week after easter) ... and it doesn't match up with FI's (his is the week before), so I'm doing nothing :( I may try and convince my mom to take a personal day one day that week and do a girls' day with her, actually. And lots of catching up on grading, I'm sure!

    Christine, I'm keeping your grandma (and you!) in my prayers.
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  • Mine was last week and I had the WORST cold for the whole week!  Hope to get some skiing in this weekend though!

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  • Mine is next week but I'm teaching a unit for my practicum class so I don't really get a break. :(

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  • I think we're just going to bum around the apartment and enjoy some time together...without homework! We might go "home" and see our parents for a few days.
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  • In Response to Re: Spring Break:
    [QUOTE]I was planning on spending spring break getting wedding stuff done and working, but deciding that since my grandma's health is deteriorating that I will be spending it flying 500 miles home to see her.
    Posted by ChristineNB[/QUOTE]

    I will be praying for both you and your grandma. I'm sorry to hear that she is not doing well.
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    My fiance and I will be getting professional engagement photos taken. I'm pretty excited. :) I will also try dress shopping and hopefully I'll get a lead on what I'm looking for in a dress.
  • Spring break is Passover/Easter here, so a lot of family stuff.  My FI and I are also planning on getting STDs into the mail that week.  It's the only week we're both free until August thanks to him taking the Bar Exam this July.
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  • In Response to Re: Spring Break:
    [QUOTE]Seeing my FI for the first time since January :)
    Posted by egeurts[/QUOTE]

    SAME! I can't wait! I head home to Indy [from L.A.] on Saturday :)
    I'll be home 9.5 days, but my schedule has quickly filled up with wedding appointments. I have 5 days' worth!
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  • My spring break starts next week, and I'm planning to cram in a bunch of wedding stuff. My two main goals: I want to get the guy's attire taken care of, and I want to find my cake baker! FI and I need to do a final guest count (sounds like we might be scooching a few people in) so we can order the invitations. There are a few more items I want to add to our registry. Then I need to figure out what I'm doing for centerpieces/programs/favors, but those are my "if I pleasantly have time to think about it" things. 

    I have hours for my internship that I need to do every morning that week too. So we'll see how it goes. 
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