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Hi everyone!

My name is Melanie and I'm in my fourth (and last!) year of medical school, currently applying for a residency in OB/GYN.  I became engaged about 6 weeks ago to my wonderful boyfriend of 6+ years (we met at the beginning of our freshman year in college).  He is in his third year of medical school, and he is undecided about what field of medicine he will be pursuing.

Question: does anyone have any insight into picking a date?  I've always wanted to get married in the fall.  In fall 2010 i'll be an intern (which is supposed to be the busiest year of residency, plus i'll be an OB/GYN, which has many 30-hour calls, 7 day work weeks, etc.), but my fiance will be in his fourth year of medical school (which, I can say from experience, is not super busy).  Or, should we wait until 2011, during which I'll be a second year resident (which is still insanely busy, but is supposedly a bit less so than intern year), but he'll be an intern (in a yet-undetermined field)?  I've heard that a lot of the wedding planning falls on the bride, so I'm not sure if my fiance's not-so-busy schedule next fall would even be very helpful in our planning.  Our other option is to get married in May 2011, after his graduation - I'll be at the end of my intern year, he'll be very available, etc., BUT I don't want our wedding to overshadow his graduation (I think graduating from medical school is a huge accomplishment and a very big deal!), our friend just set a wedding date of June 4, 2011 (so I don't want our wedding to eclipse hers), and I'll still be an intern.

If anyone has any insight into this, I'd appreciate it so much!  And I'm sorry for the long-winded question.

Thanks and happy planning!  :o)

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  • Hi Melanie!! Welcome!

    We didn't pick a specific date for a special reason--we both work in college settings (he's a prof, and I'm working part time while getting my PhD), so we chose the only free time we'd both have, which is our spring break. We won't have a honeymoon--but, at least it gives us enough time for a wedding.

    The majority of the planning doesn't have to fall on the bride--your FI is capable of doing it too!! (even though he may not be as excited about pick out color schemes and flowers as you...but you never know).

    Talk it over with him and see what he thinks. Would he be willing to pick up the planning slack while you are interning? Or would an extra year to plan a fall wedding be beneficial to you both?

    GL!! and congrats on the engagement!
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  • Welcome!!

    I like the May 2011!  (ok I could be biased since that is my wedding date)  BUT I will say, I am in my 3rd year of vet school so very similar in stress level as you and am planning my wedding to occur at the end of what is very similar to your internship.

    I  am getting married a week and a half after I graduate.   For me I WANTED my wedding to be 2 days following graduation so my family could help me celebrate 2 huge milestones in life. (now it is 9days seperate)  As for whether or not it will overshadow your FI's graduation, ask him how he feels about it, he could like the idea of celebrating both milestones with more family. 

    Fall of 11 is also a great option, if you have more time to plan and more flexibilty in dates that may be the best time for you.  I agree with Rach about leaving the planning to the FI.  He can be very helpful, but keep in mind your visions for the wedding. Have you always had ideas of what you want? and would you be dissapointed if something wasn't exatcly right? 

    *ok this was written while being brain dead, so please forgive poor grammar and half thoughts*
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  • Thanks ladies!  I am hoping to sit down with my fiance, my parents, and his parents over Thanksgiving to start planning!  I will definitely keep your advice in mind.  :o)
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